Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Abigail had a dream the other night. A wonderful dream, at that. In her dream, we were gardening, planting our favorite vegetables, and lovely flower beds. It was warm and sunny; the picture perfect day. She woke up with a smile and upon looking outside, she saw this:

Beautiful snowflakes, but a depressing sight after such a dream. :)

The following pictures were taken during the recent ice storm we had. I never got around to posting them, and since I don't have pictures from our latest snow storm, I decided to go ahead and put them up. It is currently nine below, and we're all inside, trying to see if the ten of us can fit around the fireplace. :)

It almost looks black and white!

Cutest kid on the block! :)

Not everything is void of color.

A stick.

Welcome to Narnia. :)

A winter wonderland.

The Frozen Frog Prince.

Frozen in time.

King Midas must have graced this branch with his golden touch.


  1. Nice Shots Tiffany! Keep up the good work.

  2. Beautiful pictures Tiffany! Although I think I'll stick with the climate of my "sun" post... =P

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    You know, it's beautiful to look at over the internet! I will keep my TN weather though... even if it's still cold. We're somewhere in the single digits right now I think, but that's better than negatives for sure!

  4. beautiful pictures Tiff! Thankfully it's not been quite that cold here in N. Texas, just around the freezing mark. ;)

  5. Y'all want to switch homes for the winter months, it's in the mid to upper 60's down here, I'd glady exchange our sunny weather from some of the glorious cold and snow!!!

    Anyway, BEAUTIFUL photography as usual Tiff!!!!
    ~Lis - the ardent lover of all things cold and snowy and icy!!! :)

  6. *sigh* Is that you again, Jeremy? :) Are you laughing at us because we think it's cold? Or because we dream of gardening? Or because we get pictures of ice? See you tomorrow.

    Mr. Hector,

    Thanks! The ice had so altered the outdoors that it had to be put in the history files. :)


    Haha...yeah, I think I'd take all that sunshine and warmth any day! (Stop bragging...we keep coveting your weather. :)) My sister keeps calling and complaining because it's in the 80's in Dallas...negative 17 this morning was quite the downer. :) BUT!! It'll be in the 30's tomorrow!!! Boy...something must be wrong if we're getting excited about the 30's...


    Oh...single digits!! :) Send some of that up here, will ya? :) Or maybe I can find an excuse to go down there... :)


    Is it really that cold down there? You want some snow? ;)

    My dear Lis,

    Are you nuts?!?!? You want some of this weather? Well, you could come up and see us for a while...the more the merrier, the merrier...the warmer? Anyway...

    I'd LOVE to be down there...even if the 60's is still cold to me. :) But, when you have weather like we do, it's not sounding all that bad at the moment. :) Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Give my love to the family!

  7. Michelle8:18 AM

    Great pictures Tiffany.
    It's been below freezing here for the past couple days. I'm used to it but I still prefer summer.:)

  8. What stunning photos!
    It's been icy cold down here too (I keep having to thaw out the chickens' water buckets), but it still isn't anything close to the weather you have up there!
    I've enjoyed keeping the fireplace going though. :-)


  9. Wow...those pictures are positively gorgeous. They seem so surreal to those of us still in the Deep South!

    I have not commented in a while, but I have still enjoyed keeping up with y'all on your blogs! It's always encouraging to get a glimpse into lives of other people living day by day for Jesus.

    In Him,

  10. Michelle...that wouldn't happen to be my Aunt Michelle, would it? :) I don't know that I'll ever get used to the chilly weather! :) Summer...ahhh, I do so love summer! :)


    My brother has to pour hot water over our containers for our chickens too! I didn't realized it got that cold down there! Ya' learn something new everyday! :)


    Great to hear from you! If I was still living down South, I'd probably find them to be most beautiful...but since I know first hand what it is like... :)

  11. In spite of the fact that I know it is miserably cold, there is an alluringly beautiful quality to a world touched by snow and ice. How long does the ice last?

    The fireplace is sure to feel quite delighted with all of the attention which it is now receiving. Please do make sure you visit it during the warmer months, so that it may not feel neglected!

    The last photo is the loveliest of a series of very lovely shots. Life trapped in the midst of deadly ice, only needing a bit of warmth to release it from bondage...

    Tell Abigail to take heart! Summer will be here before we know it, and her dream will become a reality! Fresh vegetables, oh the rapturous thought!



  12. It really is most beautiful. The ice lasted for about two weeks, I think. We had some more snow last night, which means the sledding will continue today. The high for today is 22.

    During the warmer months, we set a large picture frame in front of the fire place, so it's never lacking for company. :)

    Yes, Spring is one of our favorite times of the year! New life will be all around, the weather will be perfect and we can start planting our garden! For now we can only plan...and wait...

  13. When ice forms around a plant, it forms an insulative barrier that keeps the plant safe if temperatures continue to drop. Our God is smart!!

  14. I love the snow!! Your pictures are amazing!! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  15. Absolutely magnificent. I can't imagine an ice world like that with my balmy AL weather in the 60's today. :-)

    You've been awarded by yours truly!

  16. Tiffany,

    Where did you find your lace-up ballet slippers online? you can e-mail the info to me @



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