Saturday, January 03, 2009

Daniel, Christa and Joshua are heading back home today. We're going to miss them terribly. It'll be so strange to walk into the living room and not find this:

We are so thankful they were able to spend a two weeks with us, and their visit in July is already something we can't wait for! Joshua will be much bigger then, but maybe he'll be able to say some of our names by then! :) Our New Years party was full of fun, games, food, singing, and praying in the New Year. With 2009 upon us, we have much to look forward to, so many things to learn from and through it all, an awesome God to serve!

Check out those squishy cheeks! ;)

*sigh* It will be several month before we'll see this lovely sight on our floor. :(

Aunt Jess toting around a darling little guy.

Hmmm...I wonder what he's thinking...

His favorite place to be.

Having a good conversation with Mom. :)

The Davis family sent us the most adorable book called The Hockey Family Moves to the Country. We all crowded around mom as she read it aloud to us and it's already become a family favorite! Thank you, Davis' for sending us such a delightful treasure! We love y'all!
William wanted to look like a giant again... did Christa. :)

Lily and Jess team up for a fun game of Scattergories!

Dad teaching the young men a new game.

A round of Cribbage, anyone?

Happy girls!

A toast to the New Year!


  1. What great looks like you had a fun New Years Eve!! ;)

    I've so enjoyed your blog and have awarded you with the "Uber Amazing Blog Award" for your beautiful efforts...

    Please check this out here...

    Love in Christ,

  2. You know, I think I am almost going to miss Joshua as much as y'all. No more blog posts with the latest picture of cuteness personified! Of course, I really could just hop over to Christa and Daniel's blog. Still, how shall you ever manage to use "squishy" in every single post! (You're giving me a complex, you know that, right? See, my eye is twitching... *twitch* *twitch*)

    I really must ask, do you get down on the floor for your pictures of the giants, or simply hold the camera at a sub-counter level?

    Ah, board games, so much fun! Never mind their less than excited name. Catchphrase is always a California favorite. Though, that is not really a board game, is it? Oh well....

    Happy New Year, and may our every moment in it reflect the brilliant glory of our most glorious Lord!


    P.S. I like the current avatar picture best of those you have had of late!

  3. Miss Jen,

    Thanks! I suppose I really ought to attend to my awards. :) Y'alls dance looked like it was just lovely!


    lol...yes, you could just take a quick jot over there. :) But, I do have ONE more post (for now) with pictures of Joshua that is in the works, maybe I'll get it up today... Oh, and the "squishy" can be managed so long as William is pictured...he has some lovely squishy cheeks! :)

    I sat down and put the camera on the floor for the giant pictures. William thinks there awfully funny, so we do them often.

    Haha...I never realized that board games were called, well, board games! That's funny. Catchphrase is a popular game 'round here, but Jess, Mom and I prefer Taboo...there are more restrictions and you really have to think outside the box for that one! Neither of these are board games, but they are just too much fun! Cranium is our new family favorite...words, drawing, clay-creations, charades, whistling, etc...all wrapped up in one great game!

    Jess was pleased you liked the new picture. :) My lil' nephew is a treasure!

    Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas!

  4. Oh, we love to play Scattergories! ;-)

    Those pictures of William and Crista are very funny! Also, I can't believe how big Joshua has gotten. He's growing like a weed.

    We know Crista's husband's family.



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