Thursday, February 18, 2010

There is nothing quite like feeling the urge to blog, and yet trying to come up with something to blog about! While we've been busy, we haven't been busy with one major thing, like our Twelfth Night's just been random little things that have occupied our time.

But, it's the little random activities in life that make up the big picture. No matter how big, or how small something may be, there will always be little things in life to keep up going. Over the last few years, the little things are what I've come to appreciate as truly big things. A birthday, a snow ball fight, hot cocoa time with the little ones, celebrating Valentine's Day with friends and sisters one last time, and working on projects with some of my dearest friends. These moments are when the greatest memories are made...when we all enjoy life and treasure the day we find ourselves in. So, the pictures below are not from one event, but many special ones...

Me and my gang at the Life Rally.
Y'all were amazing! Thanks for making this event so memorable!
Love y'all!


Game time!! Guess how many families are in this photo!

We endured a week (or was it longer?) of fog.

Providence take over the ice skating rink!
The short guys in the back wanted to be seen, so they jumped. :)

Two days were spent building hunting.

After weeks of putting this huge task off, the 20 yards of blue taffeta were cut and divided.

Somebody special had a birthday! It's funny...when somebody in our house is given a gift (birthdays, Christmas, or just because!), all of the little people have to be involved in opening it! Getting a photo is almost impossible... :)

Scaffolding was put up at church to install a projector.

I think the guys were having fun.

Dancing with the stars...

Awwww....Josiah and Aaron are twins!! :)

Somebody walking in front of the camera...but in the background you can see Mrs. Sanford practicing.

Moving forward...or I guess it was later in the day! It just seems like it happened ages ago...
Jess and I moments before we began celebrating Valentine's Day...

Yes, you see all of that good food....mmmmm, we ate it. :)'s an official advertisement for Trefzger's Bakery!
These delicate, soft Thumbprint cookies are completed with a swirl of butter cream frosting...and just happen to be some of my favorite cookies. Located in Peoria Heights, this store has been serving Peoria for...a long time. Since the 1860's, I think....

Don't we look wrapped up in the story?

Yup, that's what I thought!


More we like paper decorations, especially in the winter! Makes things cheery around the house!

Sneak peek!!!!

Scrumptious pleats....

Caleb and Dad have been working on this snow fort for a few days. We've had some heat waves come through (highs of 31...yay!! :P), so I figured I should snap a few pictures before it melted along with Frosty.

Yesterday's sunset. We haven't seen one like that in a while, and it was more stunning in person.

These were delivered yesterday, too. Beautiful, aren't they?

Okay, and one more sunset picture. I honestly couldn't decide which one I liked better (those who know me, know how very indecisive I am! :)), so you get to see two of the four that were taken!

Until next time!


  1. Thanks for sharing your past month. Sweet pictures, sweet people. Beautiful sunset. Was that yesterday?:)I like the roses. We miss you and look forward to seeing you very, very soon.

    Love & Blessings, Mumsie

    BTW I think 3 families were in the photo, but maybe it was 4.!

  2. Love the photos, once again! :-) I am now hungry for thumbprint cookies...
    Ahhh... roses. I love 'em!

    Oh, and I'm guessing 3 families too!

  3. Mumsie,

    *laughs* And those are just a few pictures from the last month! :) There were a few other things I decided not to squeeze into this post. :)

    Yes, that was yesterday's sunset. The one tonight isn't quite as impressive. I like the roses too. ;)

    Love ya!


    Ahh, and these are just the random ones...which are usually the best. :) The roses smell more beautiful than they look...

    Two guesses so far!

  4. If the sneak peeks are anything to go by, your wedding party is going to be absolutely beautiful! And I shall guess 3 families, as well.

  5. I love posts that show everyday happenings - especially when their is a wedding upcoming in a family!

    I guess 4 families.

  6. Well done Tiffany. A blog can indeed be a difficult thing to keep fresh, but it is our only hope if we are to ever defeat facebook. You have inspired the Hectors to post something new. Alas, there is nothing here with which to build a snow fort, we are not sewing and there are no scaffolds. We will come up with something...

    One family in Christ?

  7. "Life is not made up of the mountains which we climb, but the gravel and sand that make up the path over the mountain." It is nice to see that those little bits of life are treating you well, and that you are enjoying yourself.

    Where is the fog in that one picture? It looks like a light mist!

    Three families, I guess three.



  8. Love the pictures, deary!! Especially that one of us at the Life're right, we *do* look like Pink Martini. Love it!! :D

    I'd guess how many families, but I was there, so I suppose that would be cheating. :D

    Melissa's face in the "enraptured by the movie" picture is HILARIOUS!! :D Why do Meli and I have our mouths hanging open? Must've been those musketeers. :P LOL.

  9. Winterlaine,

    *laughs* Well, I think they're going to be lovely....but I AM kind of biased. ;)

    Ms. Rabe,

    It's a good way to remind me that without the little things, there wouldn't be a big picture. Wedding plans keep us busy, though!


    Down with Facebook!!!! I'll continue to blog about the "boring" things if that's what it takes! Not that my life is fact, sometimes it's too busy!

    No snow fort, but some people in your house will be sewing soon! I can't wait to see the new post... ;)

    Ha! I like family, indeed!


    Good quote...I needed that.

    The last few weeks have indeed been busy, but we've enjoyed the events in our own way.

    What do you mean, "where is the fog?!?" You should've been here when it was foggy...then you'd understand why we love the sun so much! :) Miss you.


    Hehe...we should call ourselves The Blue Mint Juleps or something like that. ;)

    Aha...that would be cheating. :)

    LOL...yeah, must have been the Musketeers...or the Cardinal's men. ;) Love ya!

  10. Wonderful pictures... Stunning sunset (I like the first one better) :)

  11. Make sure to drop by to enter my giveaway!

    Tell your mom and sisters, too. It would be great for a new bride!

  12. Hello!
    I'd love to hear about the love story......and who's the groom?!;)
    Thanks for posting......I love roses, too. I've never been given roses, but my older sister received her first roses from her brothers....18 roses on her 18th birthday!!! (ok, well, I helped the boys with that one!;)


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