Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive and as busy as ever! No, I take that back...I'm busier these days. The snow is just about gone now, but these were pictures I had planned on posting awhile ago... Because they were so fun, I decided to go ahead with the blog post. So besides saying that we really enjoy sledding and had a good time, I shall leave you to view the pictures...

Em's face speaks volumes in this picture. Do you really think she's having fun?

Picking up speed.

The epic shot of Caleb.

William's daring feat...he climbed to the top of that mountain.

Dad and Em returning to the top.

Jess wasn't sure that she'd like the old wooden runner sled, so dad became her hero and took her down the hill.

Caleb discovered that a sled wasn't needed. He could sled down the hill in his rubber boots!

Wipe out.
Methinks that this pink-hatted California boy should spend more time in the snow. :)

Here they go again!

Jess and I headed down the hill.
Thanks for getting this one, Mel.

Flap your wings harder! Maybe you'll be able to fly!!

There's the pink hat again...

The tag-along almost made it all of the way.

Now, who do you think won this race? The snazzy girl in the shades? Or the pink hatted guy way back there?

Grace tried to keep up.

But she couldn't. So she caught a ride with dad.
Isn't his hat cute?

Boys will be boys...

They're going for the surfer look.

Okay, never mind that idea. Now for the bottle rocket look...only Jess decided to go for the blown away pose.

They all look happy, wouldn't you say? Caleb looks like he was pasted there.

Like I said before, boys will be boys!

Caleb returns the favor.

Jessica and William, on the other hand, are playing nicely.

His expression says it all.

Good game. I think they were both awfully cold at this point.

And I shall bid all y'all farewell with one last picture of us standing on the lake. We don't recommend that you try this now...the warmish weather that we've had helped the lake to defrost a bit.


  1. oh what fun! love the shot of William and his mountain! :)
    glad y'all had a good time!

  2. Gotta love sledding! Almost all our snow melted yesterday when it was 40 degrees out.
    I like the surfer pic. :-) And is it permissible to inquire why the California boy is wearing a pink hat??

  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot... I meant to also mention a photography contest I am having, in case you or anyone else you know is interested. I know you are into photography so I thought I'd pass it along:

  4. A man that is secure in his masculinity can wear a pink hat without fear. The slings and arrows have no effect. You can feel secure when you are in the company of such a man.

  5. Amanda,

    As cold as it was, I think we all enjoyed ourselves. The boys went a bit overboard with the snow fight. They tell me that snow in one's ear is not very pleasant. :)


    Yes, our snow was all melted...and then it snowed again yesterday. :( I was just beginning to hope that Spring was just around the corner... :)

    Ummmm, he wears it because he likes it. :)

    Oh, how fun! I love the idea of having a photography contest, and this one is especially nice because I have an entire year to work on it! :) Thanks for the heads up!


    Indeed, you can. He needs a badge for the hat that says, "Real men wear pink." :)

  6. Tiff,

    Looks like you have wonderful memories. Glad to see your Dad got Jessica to ride. The snow always looks so inviting from a distance!

    Our snow from last week is gone and we now have warm sun - sweater weather and green grass, yeah! It won't last either though, so we must take advantage of it while we can.

    Nic used to have a pink shirt that said something like that. I know Ben is secure!

    Love you, Mumsie

  7. Sounds like you had a TON of I'm jealous...

    LOVE the pink hat...Maybe he can give me one...


  8. I am not sure if I should be defending my wearing of pink hats, or simply kindly overlook those people who fail to grasp my enlightened sense of style. My main reason for choosing that hat was that it presented itself on the top of the basket 'o hats.

    Any other reason would be strictly conjecture by all parties. (Don't tell anyone, but one of my other reasons is that it had one of those cool fuzzy balls on the top of it....)



  9. Mumsie,

    Jess actually went down a few times on the old runner sled, so I think she liked it! :) *laughs* Yes, it looks like it's fun, and it is fun for awhile. Good company helps that, though. :)

    Ahhhh, green grass and warmer weather! Hopefully we have some of that soon!

    I think that Garr had a pink shirt like that, too. I'm not sure if he took it to Japan or if he left it at home. :) Yes, Ben is secure.


    The snow is fun for a few days, and then we're ready for Spring. We did enjoy playing out there, though!

    Haha! If you ever come visit us in the winter, you are more than welcome to wear the pink hat! We have several, you know. :)


    Like Jess said last nigh, "The sky is falling!!!!" :)

    Pink shirts are nice, pink hats are border line... We have lots of other hats, too. You just have to look for them. :)

    *laughs* I'm going to have to make you a hat with a pom-pom on top of it now.

  10. Wow! Looks like fun! : D Never been sledding but my best friend says we'll hook up a sled to a truck and go through fields one of these days! : D Though, I'm not much of a fan of snow : / lol!

    Oh, a friend of ours said she got to meet you! : D So neat!! :D (she's Mirriam Neal (or Earwen on blogs) ; D

    Anyways, your snow pictures look like fun!! : D Makes me wish snow here was still around or not melting and that we had a place to go sledding! : D


  11. Woohoo! I think I finally figured out how to comment...okay, not really...Sarah told me how...hehe ;o)

    Tiffany, I can't say it enough, but - it was WONDERFUL to visit with y'all this past weekend. *big grin* :o) <3

    My favorite picture is the one where Caleb looks pasted! I just have to laugh every time I see it.

    Lots of love,


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