Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring has sprung, and that makes us very happy! Not only that, but our dear friends in California had a frost the same day that we had a high of 73! Haha...sorry, y'all, but I can't help it....

Warmer weather means that we can be outdoors and actually enjoy it! No more running to the car, hoping that it's warm inside, no more wearing layers and layers of clothing. The coats have been packed, and white is being worn again. The days are getting longer, and the crickets are chirping! I never thought I'd grow to love the song of a bug. :)

Now, for those who don't know us very well, we sometimes do silly things...wearing flip-flops when the weather man says we're going to have high of 62 for example....especially when it's warmer up here on the bluff. Prairie weather is a totally different matter. Maybe one of these days, we'll learn.... :) And no, I don't want to hear the weather report for tomorrow...I've heard some nasty rumors of cold and rain....

Here's a peek of what we've been up to:

A creation by Abigail and Grace. Guess who!

Mrs. Ryken is happily testing out her new toy.
As seen by Mel.

I think it did a fantastic job!

The gathering for the very first community dinner in our neck of the woods.
As seen by Caleb.

Teaching some new songs.
As seen by Caleb.

Hurrah!!! The grill is going again! Scallops Alfredo is the first grilled dinner this year.

The King of the Grill...a.k.a. The King of the Castle....a.k.a. my amazing dad.

My dashing Little Man...who lost his hair today. We won't be going back to that salon.

Happy colors. Green grass.

A great friend, an amazing sister.

A wonderful friend....and a girl who should have been my sister! :)

Three girls in the soft green grass.
Mel was on a walk...which is why she's missing.

Deep thoughts...I'm sure. :)
As seen by Jess.

So long...farewell!

And remember...flip flops are your friends!


  1. Lovely...
    spring is such a
    glorious time of year!!! :)

  2. Williams haircut is great and will fit in with other boys at church!

  3. Y'all's community dinner looks like a wonderful evening...maybe Emil and I will stop in after work sometime...

    Oh's an almost-hairless William! We should call him Unhairy.

    "Vermont should be beautiful this time of year...all that snow..." Just replace Vermont with Illinois and snow with spring weather and you got it. And in this case, the quote's actually true and not a disappointment upon arrival.

  4. Sounds like y'alls weather is as lovely as ours! Loved all of the pictures... your poor son ;) Lost all of his adorable hair! I wouldn't go back to that barber either! :)

  5. Jen,

    It is indeed! Hopefully we can start planting soon! I have heard that our tulips are getting ready to bloom! :D

    Mrs. Ryken,

    *laughs* He certainly will! :)


    It was a nice cozy evening and we're hoping that other people will come on by! Please do... :)

    We've been calling him "Baldy."

    Oh yes! Rain today, but to quote another musical, "Rain will make the flowers grow." :D


    It's getting better every day! *laughs* Actually, that's my little brother. :) There aren't very many of us with light colored hair in the family, so we get that a lot. :) His hair grows pretty fast, so hopefully he'll look like himself again soon! :)

  6. Lovely photos and lovelier sentiments. I sit here in my flannel shirt next to the fire, longing for the wonderful weather of Illinois and for the great company that can be found there.

  7. Yes, California must admit defeat on the weather front for this month. Maybe we can fall back on statistical averages?

    Hmmmm...... Looks like I might have to grow a mustache!



  8. "...April showers bring May flowers!!" And other things in May as well. The rain here is good for the bonfire. Next year you can see for yourself!

    Oh I love Bar-B-Qued food. I enjoyed partaking of the castle king's bounty. Ymmm.

    I really like Grace & Abigail's rendition. Perfect match.

    Time is flying by!!

  9. Anonymous2:36 AM

    You actually wear flip-flops in 62 degree weather??? Yikes! That's still too cold for me. It's got to be at least in the upper 80's before I pull-out my flops.

    I'm actually from California, and we have no frost here. It's been in the mid 70's here for the high, but that's still too cold for me, burr! However, it did rain on Easter Sunday, blaah!

    As you can see, I don't do well in the cold. Besides, I just bought some new house dresses and I am ready for warm weather so I can wear them. :)

    Enjoyed all your photographs as usual. Toodles!

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  10. Pops,

    Wish you could be here to enjoy it, too! But, time will pass quickly and you'll be here before you know it! Not much longer now.... :D


    This doesn't happen much, so we'll brag about it while we can! Are you sure you don't want to reconsider that State Farm position? ;)

    Love you!


    Yes, May will be filled with other wonderful things! Yes, I can't wait to see the bonfire. It looks amazing. Next year! :)

    Well, I'm sure that there will be more as the weather warms ups! :)

    A match made in heaven...isn't it? ;)


    *laughs* No, we only wear them when it is 62 and Spring...because when it's been in the single digits for a while, 62 feels really good! We're crazy....we know. Coming from Texas, we're pretty wimpy too!

    Ahh, from sunny California, eh? I'll be living there pretty soon. :)

    Oh, I just bought some new summer dresses, and I can't wait to wear them...but I'm willing to wait until late May or June. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the pics!


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