Tuesday, May 04, 2010

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Busy days, lots of planning, and loads of mixed emotions. It all makes for interesting days in our household. I'm still trying to figure out how one can look forward to an event with so much excitement, wonder, love, and at the same time, so much sadness. Last week began the time of "the lasts."

Even as I write this, I'm living the last day that we'll all be together...together and alone. It's just us...we've been 10 for so long, and pretty soon, "they" will be 9 and "we" will be two, and yet one. These days are precious, difficult, and yes, I do admit, often teary. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a loving family, and beyond that, a loving church family. I found myself suddenly overcome by sobs this last Sunday, and before I knew it, I was surrounded and embraced by four amazing, wonderful and close friends...sisters, and yet the best of friends.

A time for lasts...that will lead to so many firsts. I stand in the doorway of a room with a new view, and while I am sad to leave so many wonders behind, I'm also ecstatic to be the one who gets to stand beside my best friend and live this great adventure with him.

But until that day, we keep busy with many different events, and this post features a surprise birthday party for an amazing friend, and then a talent show at church.

Cruisin' down the interstate.

How sneaky of them!! Who could they be trying to scare?

Why Grace, of course!!! Happy Birthday, m'dear!

When one eats at the Bandy household, one will never lack for food!

My wonderful father showing off his plate.

Mmmmmm...I love fresh flowers.

The birthday girl, a true servant, helpingthe little people get food for .

My plate!

A Bandy-McDonald tradition....LOVE Y'ALL!

Dad playing with the kiddos.

17 candles for somebody special!

Two different cakes and homemade ice cream! Life doesn't get much better!

Moving along to the Arts Alive! show...
Here we have Josiah singing...a song. Can't quite remember the name...something about a star, but it was lovely!

Little Miss Evans reciting a poem.

The Sanford girls in a play the centered around the importance of guarding your heart.

Peter played the dashing Prince Charming.

"And they lived happily ever after!"

Hurrah! Wonderful job!

"Blessed Be Your Name" in sign language.

Marie Michelle singing in Italian. Not sure what the name of her song was, either, but it was amazing!
This one and the rest in this post were taken by: Caleb

We normally call ourselves the "R&B Sisters". This time we were "Four from the International Club."

Phew!! We're done! It was fun, and so special since it was our last performance...good memories!

The Providence String Quartet.

Close friends...now and forever.

Check back for the video!


  1. It is right that you and those around you are conflicted. God's journey for each of us has both wonderful blessings and great challenges. Ultimately, everything is for His glory, not ours. I am praying for the McD's and the bittersweet nature of what lies ahead.

  2. Our high school principal told us on graduation night (I won't say how long ago that was!)that that night "marked yet another bend in the journey of your life." We thought he was corny, but he was right.

    You have so many precious memories with your family, but the next bend in the journey of your life will be filled with even more precious memories for you to look back upon some day, with old and new friends and, God willing, a brand new family!

    I'll be praying for you and yours on your special day next Saturday, Tiffany!

    ~~ Denise

  3. "Even as I write this, I'm living the last day that we'll all be together...together and alone. It's just us...we've been 10 for so long, and pretty soon, "they" will be 9 and "we" will be two, and yet one."

    Now that's poetic! Lovely blog post. That black and white photograph of the "R&B Sisters" at the end is the best.

    Take care and GODSPEED on your journey ahead!


  4. I have been, and will continue, praying for y'all (though you especially)! I wish we could be there to witness that special day!

    I want to thank you for sort of leading the way! ... You do know that the eyes of many "unattached" CPC gals are on you, right? ;) Don't leave us in the dark TOO long! Come back to the blogosphere occasionally, so we can know how our newlywed friends get on!



  5. Pops,

    You're right, and I know that I've experienced similar feelings before, but this time it's so different...those who would normally be the ones to take my hand will be comforting each other, and there will be a new hand to hold. Prayers are appreciated...big changes ahead!

    See you soon! :)


    *laughs* It's funny to think a saying is corny, and then realize how true it is later on! I've been there before. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am so looking forward to all that lies ahead...I can't imagine spending my life with anybody else. The big day couldn't come soon enough, and then again, it could. :) Such a confusing time...


    Weepy moments usually produce such sentences! :)

    Thanks! We had a blast doing our skit and I hope that we can come up with others when I come back to visit!


    Thank you...I really appreciate (and need!) your prayers. Ben and I were both sooo bummed to hear that y'all weren't going to make it! If by some miracle you can, though...please do! :)

    Ahhh!!! I hadn't thought about that! Well, I hope you can learn from our failings and do better! And yes, I wouldn't dream of giving up my blog!!! I don't know how long it'll be before I "return" but there will be posts, and pictures and we will keep y'all "in the know." :)

    Exciting days ahead!! <3

  6. Has anyone told you that you're overthinking this way too much? ;-P

  7. Tiffany-
    I love how you described the emotions of these last weeks at home and the excitement of becoming Mrs. Ben Hector. Please know how much we're looking forward to welcoming you into our church family in CA!
    Lisa Kjeldgaard

  8. Jeremy,

    Hahahaha....yeah, I needed to hear that. :)

    Mrs. Kjeldgaard,

    It is a very interesting time, and I'm making the most of it! Thank you for your warm welcome! I'm looking forward to getting to know so many of y'all!

  9. Tiffany-
    Please call me Lisa! Your husband to be does and was able to do so immediately though I'm pretty sure it took Thomas a year to make the change!
    Joy to you!

  10. Awww... will be praying for you Tiffany during this time!

    Happy birthday to Grace! Your party looks fabulous!

    Are we going to see a repeat of your skit at CPC's Got Talent??? That was so cute!


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  13. My dear sister, I know exactly what you are going through!! I wish I could say it was going to go away over night, but it is not!! Even while you experience the first days of marriage you will still have those mixed feelings!! You will be in my prayers as you continue to experience these mixed emotions! But, you are right, looking forward to being with your best friend for life (or as long as God wills), is a blessing! It certainly has been a joy for me to serve God and our family right next to my beloved and best friend!

    I love you!!

  14. This is a lovely post. I can't even imagine how it would feel! You will be in my prayers. :-) Oh, and the skit was hilarious! You do an adorable French accent!

  15. I know that the next few days will be a whirlwind of emotions and happenings! Enjoy them all!! What a joy to know that soon, you and your beloved will be together til death do you part!! Thank you for sharing part of your story with us! May God richly bless you and may you stand in His favor!


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