Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Okay, so instead of breaking this up into two more posts, I decided to overwhelm you and give you the rest in one! Mean of me, I know... *smile* Things have really been picking up in our neck of the woods, and there will be lots to blog about soon...very soon. *smile* Enjoy Day Two!

Okay, I have to admit, this was my favorite shot from the weekend.
Another great concert with Nathan Clark George!

Joel McDurmon from American Vision.

My amazing father during his lecture. Unfortunately, I missed it, because after getting this shot, I ran downstairs to attend....

...this lecture.

My darling mother speaking on the feminist movement, and how it can affect our worldview.

Kevin Swanson, from Generations With Vision.

A passionate speaker.

Yes, he's talking to you.

Nathan Clark George listens through the windows.

Ahhh...a break. Here we find the men "Table Talking" in the speaker's lounge.

An encouraging time for all, I think.

Hurrah for the fantastic kitchen crew!!!! We love y'all!
Now, is it just me, or do Grace and Emil look like twins in this picture?

All those years of homeschooling conferencing prepared Grace for her job during the weekend. We're thinking about sending her on the American Vision tour. *grin*

Sooo many good books to buy!

Two great speakers, Dr. Sproul Jr., and Joel McDurmon

Our good friend, Hohn and my dad.

Joel McDurmon insisted that I get this picture or I wouldn't be in any of them.

The George family enjoying the Providence Potluck...always good food around here on Sunday!

Now, isn't that a cute baby?

Oh! Food, glorious food!

Little Miss Sara enjoys lunch.

I think our speakers did too.

A time for prayer.

I call them the Four Yorkshiremen

The adorable little man!

From another angle.

Oh look....he's on here again!

Soaking up the information.

Answering a question.

Portrait time! We'll start with Dr. Sproul.

Gary DeMar in his "Thinker" pose.

Joel McDurmon.

And I saved the best for last! Guesses on his name? *smile*


Sharing information.

Table talk....without a table.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more exciting posts!


  1. How lovely...Tiffany,
    Oh, the joy of rich
    fellowship and teaching!!

    Love in Christ~
    Miss Jen

  2. lol... wow, I think you may be right!

  3. What a wonderful conference!

    Thanks for taking time to post all this. I know you are busy preparing for something else :)

  4. Distinguished speakers captured by a gifted photographer.

  5. Grace and Emil do look like twins in that photo. Hmmm...


  6. Jen,

    It was one of the best conferences I've attended. Each speaker so different, and yet each speaker had so much good stuff to say! Definitely one I'd recommend!


    Isn't that funny!? Now we just need to decide who looks like who... ;)


    It was fun. :)


    *lauhgs* They don't usually...I mean, they look related, but not that much alike!


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