Monday, November 14, 2005

'Tis November...and it is still hot. My fur jackets, hats, scarves and gloves sit in a drawer, unused, abandoned...unloved. :)

I've been thinking about last fall, about how nice and chilly it was, the small fall dances outside on the lawn, late volleyball games, hot chocolate on the back porch...and how much I complained about it being so cold. :). Ahh...memories, sweet memories. I wonder when it will begin to cool off. I just might pack up my winter clothes, or then again, I just might wear them despite the heat...just for the sake of tradition.


  1. Yes, I think I'll sip on the some hot chocolate to make it feel like its cold.

  2. It was cold for a weeks over here (we actually kicked up the woodstove one day), but it's warmed up again. Not quite 'hot', though, in fact it's very pleasant.

    You could complete the effect by opening the icebox and sitting next to it as you drink your hot chocolate. :P


  3. Tiffany, its going to snow here tomorrow!!! It's 60 today and tomorrow they said we're suppose to get snow, yay! haha.
    Do you want to make snow angels? LOL.


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