Wednesday, November 16, 2005 we're sitting around the coffee table just talking with the fire blazing in the background. Then phone rings...not abnormal in our household. My dad answers and then passes the phone to my mother.

"Hello?......Yes?......" Long pause. The kitchen staff is telling her to let the saleslady know that all we are interested in at this moment is a commercial dishwasher and refrigerator.

"You know, I'm not really interested right now......" The lady continues with her call. So my mom trys a new tactic.

"You know, I just trust God with those kinds of things...."

Still not working. She thinks quickly and takes anther route.

"We publish a magazine....It is really good, and it's only $21.99......No, this is for the year....No, the whole year......It is very good, really...."

It didn't work. The lady just got confused. So, my mom told her again that she wasn't interested. That didn't work either. So she told her again, insisting that she really wasn't interested, and then tried again...after quite some the lady finally gave up.


  1. Hey Tiffany,
    how are ya?? :)

  2. Doing great, and keeping busy. :) How about y'all?

  3. Aw, well i'm glad!!! we're good, we've been really busy though lol.
    Call me sometime when you have a chance. :)

  4. Funny story, happens to my fam all the time!

  5. Talya K10:28 AM

    Tiff, your blog is becoming a chat blog.In honor of this I am going to give you a early Christmas gift.I am giving a vending machine.First I must tell you how to use it.Read Carefully!!!First I will say, "insert coin."Then anyone can tell me what I get.I could get a skateboard signed by Tony Hawk or a Pepsi or a the entire USA army at my command.When ever you tell me what I get you MUST say "insert coin."
    Merry Christmas laidies and gentlemen. Farewell.


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