Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Within twenty minutes yesterday, it was 35 degrees cooler. The sky went from normal blue, to purple, to black, and after the rain came through, you almost felt like you were looking through yellow colored glasses. Very strange.

Upon waking up this morning, I looked outside and thought to myself, "It looks rather cold outside." Yes, this has happened to me before, right after the hurricane, as some of you may know. This time, I decided that if it really wasn't cold, I was going to wear my winter garb anyway.

Once I was ready for the day, I went downstairs and then Merisha and I were trying to decide if we were going to walk or drive. Being the rather indecisive people that we are, we couldn't make up our minds. Merisha decided that we would walk. And then my dad told us what the weather was like...44 degrees. So, that made up our minds, right then and there. We drove over this morning. And I was able to make use of my sweater, scarf, gloves and hat. Ahhh...


  1. 44 degrees in Texas? I didn't know it ever got that cool down there.

    This morning we woke up to snow outside, and it was only 25 degrees!

  2. Wow...snow. How nice. Of course it gets cold down here! Didn't you hear that we had snow for Christmas last year??? Where have you been?!? We were hoping it would happen again this year...but it has been a really warm autumn, and it will be back up in the 70's Saturday and Sunday, so I'm not holding my breath. But it will be in the 30's tonight. Maybe my dad will turn the fire on...

  3. Yes, speaking of snow, we have gotten eighteen beautiful inches of the white stuff since last night. Beautiful, beautiful.

  4. lovely! Would you mind shipping some UPS overnight??? Please??? ;-)

  5. Haha; definitely.


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