Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yesterday, the repair men came over to fix our ceiling. The were at it all day, keeping us from being home, so we brought the children over to the office to have tea, do crafts, and watch Leave it to Beaver. It was a long and tiring day as we cleaned out the war room, which (for those of you who know what room I am talking about) will be turned into a library very soon. Anyway, we cleared off all of the desks and we are now tearing out all of the nice plaster and sheet rock that some of our friends help put up (I do believe that Nathan was on this job...sorry, 'twas unsatisfactory...;-)).

Anyroad, the repair men have our kitchen completely blocked off with plastic and tape, so we cannot get in unless we go through the back door, but then all of our appliances are also covered in plastic and tape. So, we are being forced to eat out now. What a drag. ;-)

We have a busy week or two ahead of us. Today, my friend Brandon celebrates his 16th birthday. Tomorrow is Wednesday, and for those of you who have worked with me know what kind of a day Wednesday is. ;-) The next day is Thursday when the repair guys should be done with the kitchen, and then comes Friday, February the 10th. On this day we have our Valentine event. Sorry for those who didn't reserve earlier...we are booked. :( Oops, I suppose I should be excited...:). We have some event on Saturday, but I'm not sure what it is, and then we have church on Sunday. The next week holds four birthdays and a party at the store, church again on Sunday. The next week, my parents are leaving for MS. Sooooo, all in all, we will be pretty busy. Is is just me, or does anyone else out there have such a crazy life?


  1. You said "...and watch Leave it to Beaver".

    For the few times we've seen it, it sure get's quoted often around here. Especially the line from one of the episodes where one of the guys asks a girl if he may "...fetch you some fine nectar, from yonder fair punch bowl", I think that was Eddie. Eddie also get's quoted a lot from when he tells Mrs. Cleaver about the "Quaint little bakery" in the episode where he runs away from home.

    It's amazing to see the stark difference in the "little" things, between those old shows, and what's on TV now.


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