Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am not sure what it is with my family and water accidents, but yesterday morning, we were suddenly awakened by my dad. He came into our room and said with some urgency in his voice; "Girls, I need y'all to get up. We have an emergency and I need your help immediately (or something to that effect). There is water all over the kitchen floor and we need to get it cleaned up right away."

You see, being "City People" as we were so fondly dubbed by...hmmmm...what should we call them...."County People," we order jugs of fresh spring water since we are on well water and cannot stand the smell or the taste of it. ;-) Coming from town, we were used to drinking purified water, but nothing compares with fresh spring water, which is what we drink now.

So anyway, somehow, in the middle of the night, the water dispenser decided it didn't like us and dripped almost five gallons of water all night long, and succeeded in flooding our kitchen. The laminate floors are kind of curling up now, and there are water spots on the kitchen ceiling in the basement, which is rather unattractive. But, I suppose we will get over it.

I have a picture that I think some of you might enjoy. I'll post it when I get it downloaded...


  1. Are you sure you put it on right? :-)


  2. Ouch.

    Oh, BTW, my family gets purified water for drinking. We could drink the city water, I suppose, but we don't like how it tastes....

  3. Melinda5:23 PM

    Oh Tiffany that's horrible!! I know just how you feel. We have had our basement flood like three times! And it is carpet so it smells really bad afterwards.

    I'm so sorry that happened to you guys!


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