Sunday, February 04, 2007

Well, I suppose that if I blogged more frequently, I wouldn't be trying to update you on what has been going on out here. :) So, just the highlights.

James arrived safely on Tuesday, (or was it Wednesday?) driving a U-Haul and towing his bumperless vehicle, (the bumper he left in Texas for the state to remember him by). He told me that he was bringing a surprise, but I didn't have any idea of what it could be. So, as the Evans' young men were helping unload the trailer, he picked up a cooler and ran inside for us to see. First of all, the cooler had a picture of Texas on the front and back and then in bold red letters we read, "H-E-B." For those of you who don't know, it is not pronounced "Heb," it is pronounced, "eich-ee-bee." H-E-B is our very favorite grocery store and something that we have been greatly missing since we moved.

Inside this beautiful box, we found to our complete and utter delight, three half-gallons of Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla, and one half-gallon of their Mint Chocolate Chip!!!! Talk about a surprise! I took pictures of the whole thing, but I don't have them downloaded, so that will have to come later. We figured that we would never actually eat the ice cream because we don't want it to be gone. So, it just might spend it's days growing old with frost-bite instead of allowing us to indulge in our favorite ice cream.

Liberty Day is soon approaching, so costume making has been keeping me busy. Jessica and I have been keeping very unhealthy hours staying up until really late and getting up really early, just to sew! But, it is the only time that we are able to sew for a few hours straight. We might run downstairs and sew a bit during the day, but it doesn't always work out. So working by the light of the stars, and the sewing machine light, has been our main focus of late, which would be my excuse for not of these days, I will get better about this...just watch...


  1. ~lindsay k~9:35 PM

    Hey Girl!

    I just heard about Emma, how is she doing? We'll be praying for her. We've talked about going to Liberty Day......maybe some day!

    Btw, what is the best way to get in touch with you?

    ~Lindsay K.~

  2. Hey Linds,

    Do I have your email? I don't think that I do. If you could have your dad send it to my dad, that would be great!


  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    my email is lindsay@yahoo .net

  4. Megan Carlson4:13 PM

    It will be really nice to see you all at Liberty Day! Is your whole family coming? See you in a few weeks:)

  5. Megan,

    I am pretty sure we will all be there. I don't know if James will be coming, he hasn't said. And of course Christa won't be there, so if everthing goes well with Emma's appointment on the 20th, we shall see y'all then!


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