Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On our way out of our dearest, most beloved state of Texas, we saw all of the home improvement kind of stores and garden stores putting out all of their gardening items. Fresh flowers, spades, shovels, hoses, etc... After leaving that wonderful sight of color, we pulled up to our home in Illinois to see...can anybody guess...okay, I'll give you the answer...snow. We missed the snow falling, which is the best part, and now we are watching it slowly melt, turning into a lovely view of white marbleized with chocolate brown from the mud, creating a most exquisite slush. :)

But!!!! Yesterday, I (yes, Miss Allergic to the cold, and always wearing sweaters, and "Oh! It's soooo cold!!!) opened the window because it was almost 70 degrees outside!!! On the sunny side of the house of course, but still! Oh, the fresh country air, gentle breeze, glorious sun, slush and a frozen lake! It was fabulous.

Emma had her appointment with the pediatric surgeon yesterday. Thankfully, he doesn't believe that her bump is cancerous. Her surgery is scheduled for Wednesday of next week, so please continue to keep her, the surgeon, and medical staff (and us!) in prayer as I am sure we will be needing it. :) She still thinks this whole thing is rather funny which is great. She is such a brave little thing.

Well, I had best be running. With a sun-shinny day like this, who would want to sit inside on a computer...


  1. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Dear Tiffany:

    Praise the Lord on your safe return and the news on Emma's hand!! You are all definitely in our prayers!!

    Please keep Lily in your prayers as well...her hand appointment is tomorrow.

    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Donna Janus in Houston

  2. Glad to hear you made it home! Miss you sooo much!!


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