Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You will never guess what happened. Out of ideas? Well, since you will never guess, I suppose I'll have to tell you! :) My Mother Dear joined the land of Blogdom! Click here to see how very technically advanced my darling mother is. ;-)

Also, Emma's surgery is tomorrow. She will arrive at the hospital at nine in the morning, but the surgery will not begin until noon. She is not going to be allowed to eat anything beforehand, so we are trying to make her eat way beyond her fill tonight. She was given a little dog with a hospital bracelet from the doctors, and I'm making her doll a hospital gown for tomorrow. I'll be sure to get pictures to show y'all. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I am so glad that your mom has a blog! Your link is missing the r,but I was able to figure that one out! :) Thanks for passing it along to us. We are keeping sweet Emma in our prayers today.
    Mrs. Dumais


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