Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Random is as random does as random pictures are taken and randomly posted when feeling...oh what's the word...random! ;-)

The other day, green beans with caramelized onion sounded so good, I just couldn't resist having it for lunch...

Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds for a midnight snack...mmmmmm.... for some black and white shots...we'll start with Zach...are words necessary?

That's quite the mischievous smile...

"Oh, look!...It's time for catechism baseball!!! Can I play?!?"

Such disappointment...poor Stephanie, if only she could speak!

Canon...I'm lovin' it...wait a second...isn't that phrase from McDonald's? ;-)

Caps for sale?


  1. LOL! Looks like the hats are on a head!

  2. Melissa volunteered to be a hat stand for me one Sunday afternoon as we were leaving church. :)

  3. sierra4:11 PM

    Awesone pics!:)

  4. Lenna8:41 PM

    Love the pics!;)

  5. But Nikon's are better ;)

  6. Sierra and Lenna,


    Emil, They make a really cute sound when you take a picture, but I like our camera better. The font they use on the menu is nicer, the black and silver contrast is so pretty...and according to, "Nikon" was a patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church from 1652-66...and definition refers to the word of God and the other...a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles...usually shot at Nikons; a gun, howitzer, or mortar...yada, yada yada.... ;-)

    So, like I said before...I'm lovin' it...;-)

  7. MacDonalds *shaking head* they don't know a real camra when they see one.:) Nikon is clearly the best. I just heard that you guys where not able to fellowship with your other church families today. T.C.C -Goose-

  8. lol...we're pretty, if only we had some more lenses and lighting equipment...;-)

    Yes, we were able to make it out and attend the Messiah yesterday afternoon. When that was done we had two families from church over and invited them to have some fun taking their cars for a slide on the ice...;-)

  9. Do you have the standard lens that comes with the XT?
    I'm still debating on weather to get a Canon or Nikon. I know a lot about the Canon but nothing about the Nikon, but David Price says the Nikon is better.

    We went to Handel's Messiah too! The girls sang in it. I was going to sing but I couldn't get the notes right since I can't read music.

  10. Get a Nikon, Joe. ;)

    Here's a pic I took with a D50...

  11. Joe,

    lol...yeah, David is pretty attached to his Nikons and Apples...;-) 'Twould appear that Ashton is too... The only lens I have is the one that came with the XT...:(

    We went to a "Sing-it-Yourself" we all, rather tried to. :)


    Shhhhh.....don't be so argumentative...;-) jk...

    Nice picture. You should post some of them on your blog.

    Oh, Joe, here's a picture I took with MY Rebel XT...

  12. Very nice photos, guys!

    Tiffany, I wish I could be attached to Apple. Their just too expensive!

    I can get the Nikon D50 and the Canon Rebel XT for the same price, but the D50 is 6.1 megapixel and the XT is 8.0 megapixels. They both have a large verity of lens' available. I've heard all great reviews on both cameras, including the XTi.

    Ok, so here's a photo I took with my old Pentax K1000 with a 80-200mm lens

  13. Lenna3:40 PM

    Who besides y'all went to the messiah? We really wanted to go but te roads were pretty bad out here. But we had fun sledding for 4 hours!;)

  14. Joe,

    Nice picture! I really like still life, if you hadn't noticed. :) We have two Macs and five PCs, so we kind of sit on the line...;-)


    The Price's and Peiffer's were the only other people from church besides us. :( We missed all y'all. :( fun! Where'd y'all do that?

  15. Lenna8:49 PM

    In our was actually really fun! then we went to our neibors backyard and there was a huge hill so we went down that!!!
    We really need to get together and have a sledding party like last year. see y'all sunday!;)

  16. Still like is neat, but I like action shots best.

    Well we have 8 [PC] computers that are all capable of going online (6 of those in one small 14 by 10 foot room), but countless more part computers (and accumulating)

  17. Lenna,

    How fun! We have enough ice on our neighbors drive to slide instead of sled. :) Or we could sled down their hill onto the frozen lake...I can't guarantee that the lake is completely frozen...the dogs walk on it. :) jk See y'all Sunday!

  18. OK, y'all are making me very envious, quit talking about sleding and ice and snow! LOL, JK!
    Nice pics Tiffany!

  19. Sierra Mist3:02 PM

    Hey Tiff, I think its time for a post! :) Love ya, and C ya Sunday!

  20. Time for anther post Tiffay! :)

  21. the user name, Sierra. :)


    I know...I'm working on it...;-)


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