Monday, December 03, 2007

We had a beautiful time at the Pie Auction/Barn Dance/Fund Raiser for Mrs. Moeller last night. It was such a blessing to have been able to attend, support and be a blessing to such a dear friend. We were so excited to see so many familiar faces and had a wonderful time catching up with old friends. For those of you who couldn't make it, here are a few photos for you...

Caleb decided to go for an adventurous look...

During the beginning of the event, Jason and his friend Nate S. provided some humorous entertainment and a juggling show. They made the balls they juggled with and were kind enough to bring extras for the attendees to take home.

While Ashton was capturing the jugglers...

'twould appear that Grace was capturing me...and vice versa, of course... ;-)

And then there was the pie eating contest...I don't think Emma realized what the contestants were going to do. At first she was rather horrified, and then she couldn't stop laughing. :) We should try having a contest for children and make little pies for them...

The contestants wait ever so patiently and calmly for that loud indescribable noise letting them know they could begin...

...and sixty seconds later, the winner once again was Shannon Moeller...and yes, this picture was taken before the contest.

Another part of the evening included a one chapter recitation of "Tom Sawyer" performed by Gretchen S. Caleb thoroughly enjoyed it.

And there is my Dad carrying the beautiful handmade quilt we won. We haven't figured out whose bed it will appear on yet...

The Caramel Apple Pie. I put a lattice top over the crumble topping to give it a finished look. It nearly broke my hear to see it cut in to...:)

After the live auction was done, the chairs were cleared, tables removed and the band tuned their instruments...we were so glad the microphones weren't on for that part...:) The music was fabulous!

Helena Bluedorn and Jessica in a set for the Virginia Reel.

Reeling the set...

Amber and Shannon Moeller reel with Grace and Emma.

Grace and Emma reeling the set...they did such a magnificent job!

Grace and my Dad during the Grand March.

Dad and Abigail keeping the arch up for people to pass through is looking a little painful...

For those of you who've never been apart of a Grand March, you don't know what your missing out on.

The march continues...

It was a rare sight to Nathan Bluedorn, faithful filmmaker/photographer, without some recording device in his hands...and I believe that's his mother on the screen. :)

When all was said and done, the evening was a smashing success! We retired just before the event was officially over, and it didn't take long for the children to get comfortable, warm and fall fast asleep on the drive home. So I leave you with this picture of William, because like I told Emil, no blog post is complete without one. :)


  1. Sierra8:01 AM

    Wish I could have been there! So did you win the pie contest?
    Love ya! :D

  2. Yeah, we wish y'all could have come too. :( I actually didn't win this year, but now that I know how they do the contest...:) You know, we could have a contest at church and just make several different recipes and take a poll before I decide which one I'm going to make...;-) lol Don't you think that would go over well? I just wish I liked apple pie...

  3. I think it would go over very well:D
    How did they do the contest anyway?

  4. Melinda4:39 PM

    Tiffany it looks like y'all had a wonderful time! I am SO SORRY we could not come!!! I was so upset all day! :( WWHHAAAAA!!!!! I'm ok, lol *sniff*

  5. Emil,

    Hahaha....yeah, I was waiting for one of y'all to say that. :) I think that whoever had the most money in their jar won...but don't hold me to that, because I'm not positive. :)


    Ahhh, you poor little thing! If it is any help, I only did two dances, and they were single progressive dances, so I did them with people I didn't know. :) I'm so glad that you feel better now. :P See y'all Sunday!

  6. Mmmm... PIE! I can't get enough pie!

    I found this video you guys might enjoy.

  7. Joe,

    Never have enough pie!?!?! lol...I'll keep that in mind...

    That video is incredible! I actually just heard about him for the first time the other day. Thanks for sharing that!

  8. That looks simply delightful!!!!

    So, you live in Illinois? Where in Illinois, I want to com to the next dance!

    Katie (PressingOn from S&S)


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