Friday, November 21, 2008

My friend Melissa tagged me a while back to write six random things about me and I know it's terrible that I'm just getting to it...and I'm not going to make any excuses for it, either. :)  Soooo...I sat down and thought really hard to find something about me that wasn't random and how could I point out the most random things about I thought up six of them and here they are:

1. I'm really, really bad about emailing people back or keeping in touch

2. I'm rather spontaneous and almost always thinking of/doing things at the last minute...beware, it rubs off on people. :) 

3. I remember faces, and the names that go with them, numbers and publishing companies that we had accounts well as where they're located.

4. I would love to own a yacht that doubles as a submarine.

5. 98% of the movies I watch are costumes dramas and I have a bad habit of recreating the outfits I like from them.

6. When we lived in Texas, my sisters and I went caroling in August.

Now, since tag is such a fun game, I tag the following people:

Ben H.
My Brother-in-law (Christa, be sure to tell him he's officially tagged *wicked laugh* :))
Tricia Ann Lingo
Jennifer Sanford


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    I saw that I was tagged befer Christa had the chance to tell me...I'll do that tomorrow.

  2. Hey...I was a little busy today!
    So, you are going to do it during work hours?? Shame on you Daniel! :-)

  3. Echo of Mercy5:40 PM

    Hey, I know this is kinda late to be commenting on this, but I have to say I love that dress based on Eowyn's.

  4. I never have decided whether being tagged, writing a tag or posting a tag was more fun. There is the initial rush of euphoria from being tagged, but that is replaced by the determination to come up with something creative, and then the satisfaction of finishing. Thank you for the emotional journey.... *sigh* (All that to say, I finished the tag.)

    What color yacht? That makes all the difference in a yacht....

    I don't think that I would call anything resulting in creation of costumes a "bad habit"!

    August, hmmmmm. Do I sense a story behind that?

    My thanks again for the tag! *bows*


  5. Kaliste tagged me first! :) To see my randomness post click on my name.

  6. Daniel,

    I'm still waiting!!! ;)


    Make sure he follows up, now...ya' hear? ;) Or, to make it easier y'all could come up with six random things about the two of you! :) Or does that make it harder?

    Echo of Mercy,

    Thanks. It was a wonderful adventure to create that gown.


    Hmmm...I don't know if I could place my finger on my favorite part of a tag. I must admit though, once I've finished one, I always come up with "better" things I could've used. I loved your post! It was delightfully humorous!

    Oh, the yacht must have a color, I suppose. I've never put much thought into it...maybe a striking lime green one with tinted windows?'d never have to worry about missing it, eh? I suppose a more sophisticated one would be along the lines of silver or blue....I'll have to think about that one more. :)

    lol, no I suppose it's not really a bad habit, but some people might find it a bit impractical. :) A story? Behind something WE did? Why, whatever gave you such a thought? :) I suppose there is, but all the details escape me at the present. I'm glad you enjoyed the tag! Many thanks for taking the time to do it!

    Tricia Ann,

    lol, I actually saw your tag just the other day as I was catching up on my blog reading! So nice to hear from you!


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