Saturday, November 01, 2008

Well, we had a lovely foggy morning today, and as I'm quite the fan of foggy mornings, I made the most of it and took William out for a walk and to get pictures. I've posted some below and some more here.

Our neighbor's gazebo.

Sunshine literally pouring through the trees.

Haha...last time it was foggy I took a picture very similar to this's right here.

Misty fields...kind of looks like a field before a battle.

The clouds are in the corn and they won't come out...cheezy, I know...but I just couldn't resist! :)

My little man...displaying his new Charlie Brown vest. Hopefully I'll get the little girl's skirts made before Thanksgiving.

So serene.

On our way home, we walked back down this road and I was so awestruck to see God's handiwork displayed in so many ways and with such an array of colors.

And yes, our chickens have FINALLY decided to lay eggs! :)


  1. Gorgeous photos! I especially liked the second-last one - such beautiful, vivid colours. . . reminds me a little of an impressionist painting, only a picture by one of the impressionists living in the 19th century wouldn't have the contrail in the sky, because jet airliners hadn't been invented, lol! (Or is it a cloud?)

  2. Aww, I remember how exciting it was when our chickens first laid eggs! Ours lay brown eggs too.

    Misty mornings are so neat...when we lived in West Point, New York it got misty quite often.


  3. P.S. -
    Or foggy, rather - fog is more dense than mist. :-)

  4. Editrix,

    Thanks! The fall and the spring are my favorite times of the year! They're so full of color and the weather is usually right up my alley...sometimes a bit on the chilly side. :)


    lol...the children are running out there all day to see if there's another egg! :) We didn't have very many foggy days like these in Houston...or maybe we did and I just didn't see the beauty of if because we lived in town....The fog here turns our property into a whole new place. Quite lovely. :)

  5. Oh! How gorgeous. Hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your (7th) photo of the field to use as my desktop. =) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looking at those pictures almost makes me want to move to Illinois!! They're beautiful Tiffany! Morning mist mixed with the sunlight is a great photo opportunity... and a great walking opportunity! Both of which you took advantage of... Nice eggs as well. =)


  7. Great pictures Tiffany, y'all sure have some beautiful countryside over there:)

  8. Amber,

    Aw...I don't mind the least...matter of fact, I'm honored! :)


    Well, I must say your family would be a welcome addition to our community! ;) But, if a move isn't in the near future, maybe we can arrange for some visits. :)


    Thanks. We're very grateful for the beautiful property we were able to find, we just wish the lake was a bit cleaner. :)

  9. Your skill behind the lens never ceases to amaze. I really like the cornfield photo,and yes, the caption is quite amusingly cheezy.

    The older boy's bedroom still is waiting for some B&W photos to grace its walls, and I am tempted to buy the right to print a couple of your photos; in B&W of course.

    The last photo intrigues me; because of the multiple lines, all moving towards a common vanishing point. Many separate elements, all leading to the same spot in the distance... Sounds like the makings of a good sermon topic.

    Eggs! Now you can make omelets, and angel food cakes, and fritatas, and meringues! Word of advice, always crack into a separate bowl first!



  10. Ben,

    lol...such talent I have with captions, eh? ;)

    Hmmmm...I like the illustration you drew out of that's so neat to see what one picture can say to different people!

    About the eggs...after what happened to your poor mother whilst y'all were visiting here, I've been a little nervous about using the eggs. :) Never know what you might find...*shudders*

  11. The photo of the foggy area that you thought seemed like a battlefield, reminded me of when in Pride and Prejudice Lizzie, and Darcy met early in the morning. God Bless. I love your photos and the writing.


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