Thursday, March 12, 2009

This past Saturday we all went over to church to celebrate with the Price family. They had many things to be celebrating, so they wrapped them all into one fabulous party called "The Priceless Bowl." Once we had all eaten till we were sooo full, the games began. They had relay races, logic puzzles, mazes, paper airplane contests, name that classical tune test, and so much more! Since I somehow ended up as our team leader, and I was also a team member, I didn't get very many pictures, but here are a few for your enjoyment...

Cute little Matthew getting food before the activities begin.

Mrs. Price gave instructions and told us to line up...some people seemed to have a hard time doing this. :)

Nice straight lines, right?

2, 3, 4...we've been numbered!

My fellow teammate works hard on completing a stack of mazes.

Miss B. is working on hard on the base of the retirement badge.

Rachel works on drawing a wedding cake...yes, of course she's doing it on the top of her head! :)

Garrett's amazing cake drawing! Yes, of course he drew it on the top of his head! :)

Sarah naming the presidents.

Levi and Elder Price's finished badge. Cool, eh?

Elder Price shows off his lovely retirement badges...can you see ours? :)


Mr. Price almost gets run over during the festivities!

Grace and Elita race...check out the look of determination on my dad's face. You see...

...HE'S NEXT!!

Go Dad! Go!

Ouch, Josiah...that looks painful...

Jesi R. seems to be praying for something...probably her team to win!

William was on a winning he got an Old Maid set!

Because 20 seemed like a good number, here is a picture of some very good friends we had over for dinner last night.


  1. I like the look on Jessica's face in one of the last pictures : ) Lol. You said you only got a few pictures, but that's more than what I expected when I read it! Lol.


  2. It looks like everyone had great fun. I admire a Pastor who isn't afraid to get down and dirty!

  3. We've always said homeschoolers can't make lines. And try to ask us to form a circle... :)

  4. LOL! Looks like you all had marvellous time. :-D


  5. Awww.... it looks like you all had a FABULOUS time!!! There is indeed nothing like rich fellowship. ;)

    Many Blessings~ Jen

    "Let those be thy choicest companions who have made Christ their chief companion." ~Thomas Brooks

  6. I've always liked the drawing games. On top of the head - I like that one. Nice cake. What did Rachel's look like? Did you draw?

    It looks like y'all (I think I spelled it right?) had a grand time!!

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  7. lthilwen,

    lol...these twenty are really the best of the bunch. I was hoping to get tons, but alas, one cannot attempt to win and take tons of pictures. :)

    Mr. H.,

    We did have a great time. I learned more about my team members than anything else! My dad is rather competetive and enjoys parties with our church family. :)


    lol...that's JUST what we were all saying! If she'd asked us to do anything else, anything, we could've done it perfectly! But stand in a straight line...HA! :) Makes for great memories, though. Oh, and circles...we won't go there... ;)


    Wonderful people + great games = loads of fun! :)


    We do indeed love our church family and always have a fabulous time together...don't know what we'd do without them!

    Mrs. H.,

    I've never been close to being an least, not that kind. When we play Cranium, I've been able to get my team mates to guess what I'm drawing whilst being blindfolded, but on top of my head! lol What a joke! I did draw a cake, but it was rather unrecognizable. :)

    If Garrett's hadn't been so nice, we would've gone with Rachel's. And she drew hers with a baby in her lap!

    'Twas a lovely evening!

  8. I love the first one Tiff! And the one of Josiah is classic! :) <3

  9. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I'd say you had fun, but that'd be repitious...LOL. William seems quite pleased with his prize!

  10. You didn't even mention the fact that I won! And so did Garrison! And I called it!


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