Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, we picked up the newest additions to our family...er, farm family. :) Some friends of our had some bummer lambs and after going to visit them last week, we decided to go ahead and bring them home. One of them is a rather sickly and requires quite a bit of attention. We're hoping that with all of the love he's been getting he'll perk up soon. We went back and forth on names for the lambs and finally decided on Jeeves and Wooster. Em is absolutely thrilled to finally see her dream come true, and I must admit, we're all pretty smitten with the little guys as well. :)

Emma had a little lamb...

So does William.

Now tell me, isn't he just too cute?

Grace is trying to get Jeeves to follow her around the yard and answer to his name.

Wooster is very attached to Em and she's extremely attached to him!

And one last picture before I go...our little people with the two babies.


  1. I thought I heard these were sheep for meat? Please tell me that you didn't name meat sheep Jeeves and Wooster. You'll never be able to eat them then...

  2. Sooo cute!!! Makes me wants some! :-) Can not wait to see them in person!

    Love you!

  3. How cute!! I love your new blog look too BTW!!

  4. Sweet!

    Lambs and kiddies - great combination!

  5. I have to ask- Did you name the sickly one Jeeves or Wooster?

  6. Baby animals are so sweet: ) It's a good thing we didn't get lambs yesterday or Monday, we had enough with trying to revive some of our baby chicks : )

    From where the Willows weep

  7. Awww..... how DELIGHTFUL!!! :)
    It looks like you all had a fabulous time....what sweet lambs they are SO precious, indeed! Hope you are having a great day, Tiffany!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  8. Raquel,

    *smile* We still haven't quite decided what we're going to do with them yet. The first day we got them, Jess and I totally lost our appetite for meat!! Ahhhh...the world is coming to an end!!! :) We'll see how it goes and if/when we get annoyed with them. :)


    We can't wait for you to meet them! July seems so far away. :( We'll try to keep them cute until you get here. :)


    Aren't they just darling? Thanks, I like the "new do" too. :)

    Mrs. Rabe,

    Yes, they are a delightful combination...much too fun together!


    We named the sickly one Wooster, of course! :)


    Oh, but baby lambs are so much cuter than baby chicks! :) Our baby chicks turned into ugly chickens...hopefully we can keep our lambs looking good...they're getting a bath this weekend. :)


    Yes, they have brought so much fun and delight to our house...it's almost like having more babies! :)

  9. Yes, baby lambs stay cuter longer than baby chicks, but alas, the inevitable always happens - they grow up!

    One of our "babies" just became a Mom and she stomps whenever we come near her little lamb.

    Bummers are fun because they are so tame and cuddly. Enjoy.

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  10. Oh, how cute! That's so exciting...now maybe you can spin, knit and crochet your own yarn!

    We would love to get some fiber animals as soon as we get our pasture fenced in.

    How much land do you have?


  11. Ohh...they are so cute! It makes me want to have one so bad!

  12. Will your little lambs be raised to adulthood? Will they have babies of their own?

  13. AWWWWW!! They're so cute!

    We had a bunch of goats (and we acquired a pair of sheep but, they were already adults we got them) and a few of which we raised...they were so cute! Great pictures!

  14. AW!!! How cute!!!! I simply love their names too!
    Seth's right next to me, and says "Let's go to the McDonaldses houses and see the sheep!" (I wasn't aware you had more than one house, but apparently, Seth knows something I don't...)
    Love y'all!

  15. Mrs. H.,

    Yes, they are rather cute, and we're already realizing how quickly they grow! They are nosing about more and sit outside the doors waiting for one of us to play with them. :) It was lovely to see y'all!


    Actually, these ones are short hair lambs, so we won't have to shear them...we're rather glad about that! :) We have two acres so we're thinking two lambs will be sufficient. :)

    Mr. H.,

    We still haven't decided. :)


    lol...Seth is so cute! Two houses would be nice, a summer house and a winter one!! I think I could handle that! :)

  16. How cute! My grandfather's goat heard has had 40 baby kids in three weeks!

  17. Jeeves and Wooster! Haha - too funny! :)

  18. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Hi! this is the first time I have been on your blog...and I took the brain type test on the side bar. I came out the same as you!

    The lambs are so cute, we have sheep also, and I really like when they are lambs.


  19. Time for a new post!! Miss and love you!!

  20. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Oh, WOW!! They are so cute! I have never held a lamb before, but I can tell you, those pictures really make me want to do just that. I love your blog look!

    God Bless,
    Lauren Ann

  21. As I sit and wait in Denver,
    Passing the time before my flight,
    "Check the blog!", the thought came to me,
    Another posting be there might.

    Alas the same old faces greet me,
    Friendly and familiar though they are.
    Sweet reminders of a bygone trip,
    Like the setting of a nighttime star.

    But oh, the memory fades not so quickly,
    And towards the opposite horizon turn.
    Knowing that setting also means rising,
    What is gone must later return.


    (I tried to fit in Sweden and needin', but it didn't seem to work....)

  22. Amanda,

    lol...cute, aren't they? :)


    Yeah, I know...but I've been busy! ;)


    Yeah!! A poem to brighten up a rather gloomy day! I was hoping to get a new post up this morning, but alas, house cleaning was waiting for me when I got back home...I think I can manage to get one up sometime today. :)

    Hmmmm...maybe the warmer weather will fill you with inspiration you and you'll find yourself with another line for the poem with "Sweden and needin'" thrown in there. :) I hope the last leg of your journey is a safe and relaxing one.


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