Monday, July 20, 2009

My Papa (and it's pronounced Paw-paw...not, papa, or's a Southern thing... :)) is a long time fisherman. While my grandparents were in town, Papa brought out the new fishing rods and poles he bought for us. He actually made a few trips to the store to pick up new lures and lines and other fishing things. The kids were out on the dock almost every day catching things and throwing the fishies back, until we found out it was safe to eat the stuff in the lake. So, now it was time to catch dinner. I spent three days out there trying to catch a fish, and no matter what lure I used, no matter how I brought the line it, I never got one bite! A few quick nibbles, but no bites. And then, on the last day...well, there's a picture below. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures from our fishing adventure! If you're ever coming over and want to fish, just let us know!

Gone fishin'.

Papa shows Caleb which lures to use at this time of year.

An aggressive fisherman.

Caleb caught a bass! Ain't he a beauty?

The poor little guy didn't catch anything...maybe if he wouldn't stomp on the dock he might do better. :)

Expert fisher Em watches William fish.

The expert fisherman gives some pointers to Abby.

Papa helps Grace unhook her catch...

Now she doesn't look too thrilled about touching that fish. :)

Little ladies fishing. It was really chilly that morning.

Big sister, little sister.

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the...lake?"

My country bumpkin.

William took us all around the world on our "boat." At one point he said he didn't know how to get to New Zealand, so he ran back to the house to get a map. The blank sheet of paper he is holding is it! When I asked him who gave it to him, he replied with a thick drawl, "Myself." :)

The little man takes us on another trip...Cumberland is what he said!

Dad came out to fish too. Doesn't he look like a pro?

Do you think I scared the fish away?

The mothers sat inside looking at keepsakes from mom's childhood.

Yes, I caught a fish, and yes I held it by the mouth...I'll be a country girl in no time! *cough* :)
Thanks to lil' Em for taking the picture!

Abby and her bass.

Papa showing Caleb how to clean and whatever else you do to your fish.
Dinner is in the we just need a recipe for bass. :)

Fishing wears William afternoon nap is always a good thing!
Baseball pictures are next...I think! :)


  1. Oh what fun, and what large fish. Your Dad was fishing one-handed, he must be a pro.

    I think you are on your way to country girl. Touching fish is a huge step. Maybe next will be slaughtering chickens? :)

    It is so fun when grandparents pass on their skills to the next generations. A treasured event.
    Can't wait to meet Paw Paw and Mimi.

    Love you m'dear, Mrs.H

  2. Tiffany,

    I am way impressed! I do not like to hold fish!! My father in law gets so aggravated with Steve because he baits my hook and takes my fish off the hook! ;o)

    As far as recipes go, you batter those fillets and fry them and make hushpuppies and coleslaw to go with them! ;o) ;o) ;o)

    Love, Mrs. P

  3. Tiffany,

    Greetings from Oklahoma. (Not quite TX, I know!!!)

    We called our dad's dad Pawpaw. We just gave up and spelled it that way.

    You are way ahead of me...I am 31 and will not touch a fish still living. Baiting my hook, no big deal. The fish...too big of a deal. But I can milk a cow!

    Love seeing William asleep. Aren't sleeping little boys just the cutest thing (we have an 18 mo. old!), except maybe for the sleeping little girls (of whom we have 5!).

    In Christ,
    Sara Mc

  4. what a wonderful time! I really enjoy going down to my grandpa's lake and getting out on the boat and fishing... although its not really my thing... I'm more of a city girl then a "lets go get dirty doing something" lol.
    I cannot stand to touch fish tho, so I caught them and had grandpa get it off my line... something about raw meat makes me cringe. bleh!

    William is so fun! I bet he really enjoyed that. He reminds me so much of my Dude, Caleb. :)

  5. My dear Mrs. H.,

    We do have some big fish in the lake, you wanna come see them? :)

    See, I didn't think that touching the fish was all that bad...but I refuse to put the worm on the hook...especially after Caleb described it! *shudders* No...I draw line at slaughtering chickens!! That is just too gross...

    We missed y'all this past week, but I'm sure there will be other opportunities for you to meet them. :)

    Love you!!!

    Mrs. P.!!

    How lovely to see a comment from you...especially since you don't like baiting hooks too! :) Caleb usually takes the fish off, but my Dad was down there this time to be my hero. :) I've heard fried bass isn't too bad! Thanks for the ideas. *HUGS*


    Haha, my grandfather has been Papa forever, and his father was Papa before him...nice family name.

    lol, I couldn't milk a cow! Some friends offered to let me milk their goats, and I couldn't do it...I'd take a fish over milking or slaughtering chickens anyday! :)

    I adore my lil' brother and think little men are just darling! There are only three boys in my family, and I agree, little girls are most adorable too! :)

    Thanks for dropping in!


    lol, I have always been a city girl! A tom-boy once upon a time, but that didn't last long. :) But I love nature and being outside (as long as there aren't too many bugs, mind you :)), but I don't really like being dirty. :) Complicated, huh?

    Raw meat is nasty, I don't like touching raw chicken or mixing up raw ground beef...but fish don't seem to bother me much.

    There is nothing like a little brother, that's for sure!

  6. Oh... it looks like you had a fabulous time! :) Time with family
    is SO wonderful!!!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  7. My great-grandfather has always been called "Paw-Paw" too! Definitely a Southern thing...

    He was also a very avid fisherman when he got around more (he's 94 years old now).

    We need to do some more fishing in our pond soon. Everybody was into fishing for awhile, and then the immediate excitement started to wear off. But we need to get back into it! Fresh fish really does taste good - much better than fish that has "aged" a bit. :-)

    I've updated my blog design, by the way...and I have a few more website projects going that you might like to take a look at.


  8. I have such a brave sister! I don't think I could ever have held that fish. lol. GO TIFF! ;-)

    Love you, Jess

  9. A fine day combined with exceptional photography and writing makes for a splendid blog post. Well done, you made me sigh.

  10. Jen,

    A good time was had by one and all, except for poor Jess who doesn't think she'll ever be able to fish. :)


    lol, especially when they catch the fish here in the states and then send it overseas for some reason and then ship it back here!!!! I miss living closer to the ocean, there is nothing quite like fresh Gulf shrimp. :)

    I loved your new blog look!!! I took a quick peek, so now I need to make a more thorough trip through it!

    Jess dahlin',

    It really isn't so bad...he has little tiny teeth, but that don't hurt that much! And they aren't slimy...I promise! :) *sigh* Maybe one day...

    Mr. H.,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was a very exciting day and the weather was absolutely perfect!!! There was only one thing that would've made the day even better. :) Miss y'all...oh, and thanks for that I just need to catch some more fish. :)

  11. I think it's just perfect that you're holding a fish, joking about becoming a country girl, all while wearing a "Chicago" jacket! ;-) Nice catch, by the way... it shows the blessings that come from perseverence!


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