Thursday, July 30, 2009

Peaches in the summer time, apples in the fall...

The Bandy family invited us to go pick peaches with them yesterday, and we were more than happy to accompany them! We left our home at 8:00 yesterday morning, met up with our dear friends and then piled into three cars and drove down to the peach farm. We spend a few lovely hours picking peaches, visiting, playing, and just have loads of fun together! When we were done, and had a truck load of peaches picked, we packed up and made our way to the Bandy's house for a feast. We aren't quite sure what to call it since it was breakfast food at 2:45, but it was absolutely delicious and time passed much too quickly! I hope you have fun looking at photos from our trip!

Peach season is upon us.

William is either looking for shade, or trying to find the perfect peach.

Grace enjoying the delicious fresh fruit.

Mom and Em shared a peach too!

Awwww, isn't she cute?

William is tired after working so hard...check out his box!
No, he didn't fill that himself. :)

Peach wars broke out.

Caleb is ready to juggle with ripe fruit.

Special time with Dad.

Em eats another peach. She really was enjoying them, despite what her facial expression may communicate. :)

Ashton loads the truck.

You really shouldn't look at the sun, you know...

A peach hiding in the peach tree.

Remember all those old fairy tales where it was a bad witch dressed up like a beggar offering the poor unsuspecting heroines fruit? In fairy tales nowadays, it's Ashton offering the fruit. :)

Will work for fresh peaches.

Ashton looks on his as his brother claims the Prince Peach crown.

Mmmmm....I can still smell them...wait, they are in my kitchen now, so maybe that's why.
Try to scratch and sniff the picture!

The ladies recline and tell Emil which ones to pick.

Jess adds the final touch.

Some more royalty!

The farmer seemed to understand our distress when we realized we were out of baby wipes...he pulled out his stash from his truck and passed them out. :)

My darling parents.

The little girls examining the peach juice marks on their dresses.

The Little Man says, "Go Green!"

So long, farewell!

How could somebody possibly ignore the happy feelings they get when they're on an old John Deere?

See what I mean?

Em's at the top of the world.

Here they come...I was afraid they were going to run over me. :)

William loves to have tractor races. :)

I think Ruth sees another, better tractor.

Dad and the little man. We have so got to get ourselves one of these!

The liquid in the soda can you see beside William made him behave in a very strange manner...

...see what I mean?

Yeah, I told you so!

An Illinois summer...see what you are missing out on? :)


  1. Delicious! We got a few peaches off our peace tree this year and they were wonderful (I think we have a dwarf or semi-dwarf peach tree).

    What kind of camera do you use? I think you might have mentioned it in an older post but I don't remember the type...we're thinking about researching for a new photo camera.


  2. Thank you so much for picking some for us Tiff! They are absolutely delicious! :) Great pictures too, I love the one of William "racing". :)

    Love ya!

  3. Amanda, Go to
    That's my favorite place to research cameras.

    Tiffany, There is nothing better than a peach straight off the tree. How many quarts did this turn into? Please save some for our next visit!!

  4. Amanda,

    The first time I actually had a peach that I really enjoyed was when I was in Alabama few years ago. The farmer told us that it was risky trying to grow peaches this far north...but they were sooooo good!

    I use a Canon Rebel XT and have enjoyed it. Mr. Hector (Hec@19) knows so much more about cameras than I do, so visit the site mentioned. He has some nice equipment. :)


    You are very welcome! We had a good time with the Bandys (who couldn't? :)) and picking fruit is always better when there are more people around. I still can't believe how many bushels we picked! William is a doll... :)

    Love you!

    Mr. H.,

    The farmer told us to toss the bad ones out, so we ate the good parts of the bad ones and then threw them out...mmmmm. Such a nice treat on a lovely summer day.

    We have 14 1/2 quarts right now, but we still have just under a bushel to freeze. :) Of course we'll save some for y'all!!! To make sure they don't get used, we might even put your name on the bag. :)

  5. I must say, those peaches were really, really good. Our two peach trees combined to have one peach, that really was just barely a peach to start with. Not only was it pathetic and inarticulate, it also had a type of suicidal psychopathic nerve disorder, which is rather rare in peaches - it's much more common in plums and asparagus. Very disappointing, to be sure.

    Thanks for the peaches.... :-)

  6. I can smell them! I can smell them!

    Fresh peaches really are incredible. Looks like a wonderful time. You're motivating me, I think I need to can something soon.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  7. Oh.... SO fun! :)
    It looks like you all had a simply marvelous time!!
    I am sure little William LOVED the John Deer trucks!
    *smiles*... Hope you have a sweet, blessed
    weekend, Tiffany.

    With Much Love in Christ~ Jen

    I got to chat with Rebecca Serven tonight
    for the first time..... :) at the WCWC!
    It was such a JOY!!! Hope I can meet
    you someday as well, dear friend!

  8. Peaches, and more peaches, and more peaches! So deliciously scrumptious looking, it is really amazing that a fruit so delightfully good can exist outside of heaven.

    Y'all look like you had a great time, and I especially love the tractor series. Still, I never saw any photos of the photographer....

    Your summers do look lovely, and I am very sorry to among those to miss it.


  9. Thanks for the camera advice, Tiffany and Mr. Hector!

    Tiffany, I wanted to let you know that when I revamped my website I moved my blog to its own server, So, is a dud link (though without the slash on the end, it will forward automatically). You might want to update that on your sidebar. :-)


  10. Jeremy,

    More common in plums and asparagus?! You're a nut... Glad you enjoyed the peaches!

    Mrs. H.,

    lol, We don't know how to can, so we peeled them, sprinkled then with fruit fresh and put them in the freezer. :) Fresh peaches really are amazing! It was fun to eat them while we picked too. :) Lemme know how the canning goes! Love you!


    Oh, he was in John Deere heaven, alright! He's such a fun guy to have around. Oh, that's wonderful! Rebecca is such a treasure and I've so enjoyed her friendship over the years! It would be fun to meet you some day! :)


    Illinois peaches, and corn and apples are so delicious! Not only do wonderful foods exist here in this world, there are sooo many different kinds of fruits and vegetables and not one is similar to the other! All by chance? I think not...

    The tractors were fun...I'd love to have a collection like that! But since I don't, I'm glad other people do and that they allow others to enjoy them. The photographer was in the "Will work for fresh peaches" photo. We love to find makeshift tri-pods. :) This time is was a box of peaches!

    Summer isn't over yet... :)


    I hope it was helpful!

    Ahhh, I am soooo bad at keeping up the links on my sidebar!!! Thanks for letting me know, I'll fix that right away. :) You must know how to work with HTML then... I salute you, m'dear! I've never been able to figure that stuff out! :)


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