Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas time is hear...happiness and cheer. Fun for all, that children call their favorite time of year.

A year of wonderful, and some very momentous occasions has passed us by once more. It will be a year that we all look back on and stand in awe as we see the Lord's hand in every situation. When Christmastime comes around, it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, to shop till you drop and always be on the run. In between our regular life and then church events, this past December was indeed a very busy one. But through the Advent readings each evening, with family being here to celebrate with us, we've been able to sit back, relax and worship the one who came as a babe and gave us a reason to celebrate. Time with dear ones who come from out of town is always too short, and we try way too hard to squeeze everything into the time we have. But each moment has been enjoyed and we will be sad to see the sister, BIL and the oh-so-cute nephew head for home tomorrow morning. Many memories have been made, and this was truly a Christmas to remember.

I've decided to just post about Christmas Eve and the days leading up to it. *ducks from tomatoes I'm sure you're throwing at me* Maybe this will force Jessica into posting about Christmas day. :)

Somebody made some huge snowballs this year. Maybe it was because there was no snow on the ground yet.

Lots and lots of popcorn balls.

So Christa likes to play in the mud, is that weird or something?

My, oh my...the burn barrel gets used quite often during this time of year!

Dad and his grandson. Nobody gives horse rides like this Grandpa!

Camera wars? Or is Christa trying to tell me that she's an angel? I mean, Daniel seems to be blinded by her light. :)

Recognize this floor? You've seen a peek into a long wait at the airport. I don't think the wait was all that long, but it certainly felt like an eternity! And when it's after 1:00 am, everything seems long.

He's a deep thinker.

Mmmmmmm...shrimp cocktails for an appetizer. This simple dish reminds me of home and extended family.

My mom fries bacon in style...does yours?

The Light of the World is Jesus.

Emma had a little lamb (or two)...

Her expression says it all..."I'VE GOT EEYORE!!!!!"

Oh boy...our gunslinger, cowboy, western star, Will-0-the-West, a.k.a. Roy Rogers gets some stylish PJs and cowboy boot slippers!

Oh, and an ornament to go along with them.

Not a turkey, but Dad can cut a leg of lamb quite nicely...especially since this was the first one he'd ever carved.

The picture of family gathered around a feast is a beautiful one indeed.

William was ready to get his new PJs on, but dinner was in order first.

And with a big dinner comes lots of dishes...but with this happy peppy group, they were done in no time!

Yeah, these two are rather lazy...go ahead, you can agree with me.


A family tradition from Ben's family finds it's way into our home, stomachs and hearts. If these don't show up next year, people have threatened to do some pretty wild things...

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Presents were being wrapped by Melissa...the mouse?

Lights. Camera. Action.

Self portraits during the traditional game of Cranium.

Draw faster, Ben!!! Wait...why am I cheering for you? You're not on my team....

And Daniel is up for the challenge to draw blindfolded. Nice green satin eye mask, eh?

Now you see an empty couch...

Now you don't.

Christmas morning finds us getting coffee before the sun has come up. And here is where I stop, and let's hope that Jessica picks up. :)

I hope that y'all all had a wonderful Christmas and as we enter this new year, may you be truly blessed. Now I'm off to see what adventures are in store for me....


  1. C'monnnn Jessica!!!

  2. I was not lazy....I had just finished putting a bundle of joy down for the night!!

    Great photos!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family, Tiffany! God Bless!


  4. Ah, what a great Christmas!

    Aw, the coffee picture at the end...that's just like at our house!

    By the way, I wrote a blog post about the Star of Bethlehem movie I mentioned last year. Stop by and see it if you would like!

    Have a Blessed New Year!


  5. Lovely~ :)
    Christmas musings!!
    Mmmm~ those popcorn
    balls look amazing!
    What recipe did you use?!

    Love~ Jen

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve, even at the airport!

    The little ones are all so cute. Of course, so are the big ones!

    I absolutely love the one of your Mom frying the bacon - too cute.

    Wherever did y'all find the cowboy boot slippers - Nic needs some of those!

    Those breakfast rolls look very familiar. I can practically smell and taste them from looking at the photo. :)

    Enjoy this week!

  7. Pops,

    She did it!!!! :D


    HA! ;) Good excuse.... Love you!


    Same to you!


    Thanks! I'd completely forgotten about that movie. Now I'm definitely going to have to see it!


    Actually, they turned out to be rather we gave them to the chickens. :) I'm not sure what recipe we used, but we won't be trying it again.


    *laughs* That visit to the airport was a fun trip. This next visit to the airport won't be so fun....

    I just died laughing when I saw mom cooking like that. Life is never dull around here!

    I think the slippers came from Gymboree, but I'll double check that. If they do, they won't come in Nick's size. :)

    Mmmmmm, breakfast rolls..... Those were amazing! Thanks for letting him share them with us! :D

    Love you!


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