Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I am so sorry that I've not posted an update! We have had so much going on, that trying to squeeze the time in to blog has been close to impossible!

We went over to the McClay's home today to help them paint their kitchen and pantry. Mr. McClay is out of town and Mrs. McClay was hoping to get a few things done to surprise him. After we put a first coat on the walls, the ladies of the house sat down for some Earl Grey tea and biscotti. It was very refreshing. When the second coat was done, Mrs. McClay had to run her two older boys somewhere. While she was away, we decided to surprise her so we scrubbed the kitchen, pantry, back entry way/piano room, and bathroom with bleach, and then put the pantry back together.

We made chili earlier this morning and brought it over in a crock pot. Right before dinner, I made the cornbread, which as usual, wasn't done until after we were done eating. :) So it was dessert for the older boys who went shooting at the Shank's house last night. After dinner, we cleaned the kitchen and left them with a Creamy Peach Pie. (So very good!) Here are some photos from today. I'll try and get an update from the other days that I've missed soon!


  1. Sounds nice! And that happens to me with the cornbread too, it not getting done until after dinner :)


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