Monday, August 08, 2005

oh, how humorous children can be

Breaking news! Just a few hours ago, the oldest daughter of Matt and Jennie Chancey made a very shocking statement. During dinner this evening, she quite seriously told us, "I love bikini!" During the dinner preparation hours, Jennie and I had been talking about clothing, Raising Maidens of Virtue and other similar topics, so this statement was rather shocking. We both cracked up laughing.

Taken out of context, this would have been horrible, but under the circumstances, it was very humorous. You see, John Nathan had just exclaimed how much he loved zucchini, and Belle, trying to copy her beloved brother, tried to make the same profession, and unfortunately, it came out a bit twisted. We might have to watch what she says in public. ;-)

This morning was similar to the others. Breakfast, clean-up and of course, who could forget- books. I've come up with a list of ten books that Thomas and Belle love to hear and ask to have read to them two or three times a day! :) They are so sweet. The titles are as follows:

1. The Cat in the Hat
2. The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
3. Fox in Socks
4. Big Ball of String
5. Pish, Posh
6. One Fish, Two Fish
7. Carl's Birthday
8. Green Eggs and Ham
9. Peter Rabbit
10. Courdory

While the Mother and two oldest boys were out purchasing supplies for the house, young Master Thomas and I sat playing Lego's while the girls were napping. First we built two aeroplanes (actually, he did...I couldn't get it to work without breaking the craft), then we built a pirate ship (or rather, he did...things would fall off from me trying to get another type of Lego to fit the type we were playing with), and then we built a submarine (again, I must admit, he did this one as well).

After all of my help, or lack there of, he sat on my lap, took my face between his sweet chubby hands, and said wistfully, "Miss Tiffany, you and me are going to be deep-sea diapers!" I raised my eyebrows and tried to control the giggles bubbling inside of me, and said, "Oh really?" His big blue eyes smiled as he said, "Oh yes! We will be deep-sea diapers and I will be captain and can't be first mate cuz' you're not a boy, so you'll be the lady!" He smiled again as I made a reply, and then climbing off my lap, he sat back on the floor and picked up his lego-man, handed me mine and asked me to play again.

Later today, as we were sitting in the library, he told me he was going to lock me up so I could never get away because I wasn't really a McDonald. I was a Chancey. I giggled and asked if I was his long lost sister and he said, "Nope. You're my old lost aunt!" He giggled again and then asked me to read yet another book to him.

Mr. Chancey has an interview this evening to get an update on the happenings in the Sudan with the Federation for American Immigration Reform. To insure peace in the library, the other big people are going to leave our computers and watch a movie.


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