Sunday, August 21, 2005

We left the house around five o'clock on Friday and drove out to Wake Forest, NC to visit Scott and Deborah Brown and family, or, most of the family. The second oldest daughter is in Texas right now. The Browns have an incredible house on 100+ acres in North Carolina. They have three lakes, rolling hills, tall trees, cows, horses, dogs and cats.

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Brown, Kelly, Claudia, Mrs. Chancey, Belle, Felicity and I went out for afternoon tea. Their tea shop is in an old building, and they have a chest full of hats and gloves that you can wear for your tea party. We had a delightful time eating scones and strawberry soup with hot Vanilla tea.

We went to church with them this morning, and I ran into a few people that I know from Houston! I saw a family that we used to go to church with, and two people that I know who are in seminary up here. It was rather humorous.

I have really enjoyed my time with the Browns, and hope to have more opportunities to get to know them better in the near future. More photos to follow!


  1. Tif,

    Is there a settin you can through to either prohibit blogs or approve them?

    Just checking.

    Missing my daughter,


  2. Emily8:44 PM

    It's me, Emily L, from Houston! I cannot believe that you have a blog! I have really enjoyed reading it and seeing the photographs of you and your family!
    I miss talking with you so much!
    God bless you, dear friend...
    Hope to get in touch with you soon!

  3. Dad,

    I think I've fixed the problem. :) Miss you too!

  4. who was the family that you know from Houston, Tiff? Just Curious! :D

  5. A Friend of Browns11:08 AM

    The Browns are great people as well as excellent hosts. I'm sure that you all had a great time.

  6. Your family has certainly done a lot of traveling this year! Hope your stay with the Brown's was as enjoyable as the photos appear. My family has not had the privilege of experiencing the Brown's hospitality. For the past 2 years we have been saying how we would take a trip to see them, but it hasn't happened yet:)

    Hope to see your family in October,

  7. Hey Tiff, we all would greatly appreciate another post ya' know.

  8. Should I give up?
    Should I just find another blog.
    You know there's always Jessica's blog.


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