Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I think this blog needs photos...what dost thou think?


  1. melissa9:23 PM

    I say "YES! Please Do!!!"

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM


  3. I readily concur.

  4. I loved the pictures below! :D

  5. Robin3:25 PM

    Yes! We must see your new hair cut!

  6. Hello...

    I just now saw the quote at the VERY bottom of your blog..."Heaven...a place where everything that is not music is silence."...I love that! Who said it?

    Have a glorious day!

  7. lol, isn't it wonderful?

    That one is from George MacDonald. I love quotes, beautiful things, they are.

  8. Okay...thanks so much!

    I too love quotes...lately my blog has probably had more quotes on it than my own "musings". What can I say? There are obviously people that are wiser than me and better "weavers of words" than I why not "muse" on them a bit?!

  9. Hello...
    Sorry to bother you yet again (you probably wish that I never came across your blog!)...but, I just have a couple of quick questions! After finding out that quote was from George MacDonald and having read a couple other quotes from him...I think he's someone I would definitely want to start reading! Are there any of his works that you liked particularly well? Any that you thought were his best and would recommend? And which book of his is the heaven quote from? Thank you SO much for any ideas...have a great day!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    I found his quote on a quote site that I frequent. I haven't read very many of his works due to the being so hard to find, but I've read:

    The Princess and the Goblins
    The Princess and Curdie
    Sir Gibbie
    At the Back of the North Wind
    The Lost Princess

    And I'm starting "The Light Princess" this week.

    Hope this helps!

  11. Hello...

    Thank you so much for the book recommendations...hopefully I can find some of them.

    Oh, and I read about your sad "tale"...I hope you feel better soon!


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