Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Whale! How nice it is so be home. A friend of mine called today and jokingly told me that I wasn't "allowed to be home." I love my home...I love my family...I love my library...I love my new look in my room...I love my haven of rest...I love my God.

Here's a small update on the happenings of the McDonald's & Co.

We've hired a kitchen manager. Wyntria is such a wonderful asset to our little tea room. She is a great chef, patient, hard-working, and just "simply fastidious!" :)

We also hired a waiter and waitress for the weekdays, and we have Laura coming in every Tuesday and Friday, and another girl coming in on Saturdays. It is so nice to hand over the reigns to somebody else. It has been a long, toilsome and painful journey, but it is finally here, and I know it was naught but the hand of God.

It is amazing how much comfort you find in knowing that all that happens is by the hand of Him who fashioned us. After all, it is only because of Him that I am here today It is only because of Him that we have any hope of salvation, that we can stand fully justified, freely forgiven and wholly pure before a righteous and awesome God. Isn't it amazing?

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  1. Hey Tiffany! I have a quick question... since we're not going to the conference in Lansing, would y'all still want to do something?That would be very fun to see y'all! Anyway, let me know! Love ya!

    God bless,


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