Thursday, April 20, 2006

So! Here we are, on the road again, gallivanting across the nation to various and sundry places, exhibiting and speaking (well not me personally) at a few conventions. Our plans to leave on Monday didn't quite work out as we had planned, so we left around 6:30 am on Tuesday. The van was not cooperating, but then again, our trailer load is rather large and heavy. We made it to Birmingham that night, and headed off once again the next morning, or at least, we tried to.

After making it to our much needed Starbucks stop, we headed off, back through the hilly parts of Birmingham. Suddenly (now remember, I'm sick - I can't smell anything) a most disgusting smell floated through the air, so strongly, I could smell it. We pulled over as soon as possible, and my Dad jumped out and started checking the van. Our brakes were overheating. Simply wonderful! Once we were back on the freeway, our trailer fender started coming off. So, we pulled over again, and Dad fixed that too! So, our motto yesterday was: Slow and steady wins the race. We have not had any tire problems, at least, not yet.

William celebrated his first birthday yesterday (see previous post). We'll have a party for him when we get back home. We stopped in Bristol, (for the record, that is Virginia, not Tennessee ;-)) for dinner since we knew everybody would be sleeping when we arrived in Lexington. We pulled up at Chili's and as we were piling out, we were greeted by a very familiar face. It turned out to be somebody we had met last year when we stopped in Bristol for church last spring. It's nice running into people you know.

We pulled into our hotel around midnight and fell asleep as soon as possible. We are now sitting at the table in the lobby downloading a file for Mom's IBM. As soon as that is done, we will be off once more. Pictures and more to come!

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