Monday, April 17, 2006

A Tale of Strawberry-Blondee

Strawberry-Blondee wakes up one day and discovers some very strange spots on her that look like bug bites, or so she thinks. But during the day, more and more begin to appear. Thinking it rather odd, she shows her Dearest Mother who, upon examination exclaims, "Chicken pocks!" So just like her baby brother, Strawberry-Blondee is rather contagious.

On Easter Sunday, Strawberry-Blondee's family arrives at church in two shifts and they wait patiently in the foyer until the congregation is made aware of the sad fact mentioned above. Nobody is upset, in fact, they all wanted Strawberry-Blondee and William to spread their germs to the children who had not yet had the opportunity to have them. On this Sunday, Strawberry-Blondee was scheduled to play the piano for service. Around the second or third Psalm, her eyes begin to water and burn, blurring her vision, and her face begins to get very congested - a rather painful experience for those of you who have missed out on such an event.

After the sermon, the congregation drove over to some friends house from church for our Easter Celebration. While there, a volley-ball game is suggested and so the young people head out to play. Strawberry-Blondee, who is in charge of measuring (or stepping) the size of the court, removes her shoes (just after being told about fire ants) and counts and sets the borders. While playing, a nasty ant decides her feet look rather tasty, and takes a nice bite in between her toes, which is now swollen due to an allergy she has to bug bites.

Afterwards, she was watching some of the children when one of the little girls requests to play a game of tether ball. Strawberry-Blondee agrees. In the middle of the game, the ball is headed right for the little girl, so Strawberry-Blondee, trying to protect the little girl turns around and get smacked in the face with the tether ball. Not such a nice feeling.

Later that evening, some of the guys at church go frog hunting in the pond. They return victorious with a huge bull-frog. Upon viewing the treasure, Strawberry-Blondee suggests a dissection. One of the guys suggests frog legs. One of the other guys tells Strawberry-Blondee that if she kisses the frog, he just might turn into a prince...I'll let you guess how the story ends.


  1. That frog was DISGUSTING!!!!! Eww! Yuck! It was HUGE!!

    Reece gave the frog a nose kiss..not sure if that counts as a kiss...but it didn't turn into a Prince. Then again, maybe it should have turned into a Princess for Reece?

  2. Boys don't kiss frogs! That is not how the fairy tale goes! Go back and read it...

  3. Daniel Blanchard4:03 PM

    That story sounds really familar for some strange reason. ;) Hope u'll have a safe trip.

  4. Wow. Chicken pox is nasty. Hope it clears up real quick.

    ...Did it turn into a prince?

  5. Why can't boys kiss frogs?!


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