Saturday, October 06, 2007

Last night, a few of us from the McDonald family carpooled with the a few of the Riggenbach family, and went to the Bloomington area. After stopping at Culver's and JoAnn's, we met up with some other families from church who also drove out there for a dance practice! We learned several new dances, some of which I was kind of familiar with, and the others...well, not so much...isn't that right, Josiah? lol The night ended with ten minutes of the all-time favorite, The Virginia Reel! The caller was dividing the sets up into five couples, but somehow, our set managed to have way more than that. Our whole set was made completely of the Providence people who there(minus two people who were in another set)!

And of course, I only took one photo...but you know, it is really hard to carry the camera around while you are dancing... But I do know that Ashton and his family took a ton of I'm sure they will be appearing soon(hint, hint, Ashton...;-)). We had a fabulous time, and are eagerly looking forward to the next dance! So I leave you with the one and only picture that I got...

The Polka, according to David and Garrison...


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Hi, it looks as if nobody has anything to say to you. Well, cheer up. I'm going to do my best at making a long comment. Well, here goes. If only I could smell that apple pie *MMMM*. That picture of you and Jessica makes you both look well, Middle Eastern:). Wow, it looks as if you have two really good Polka dancers(David and Garrison). Well, talk to you soon. -Goose-

  2. Nathan,

    I'm assuming they are all sleeping in from a wonderful night of dancing! :) And Garrison and David did a fabulous job! lol Three cheers for them!

    I didn't actually make the apple pie...I just found a picture of one that looked like it smelled good! lol But I'll get a picture up of one that I do make. :)

    Yeah, Jess and I just couldn't resist. The "costumes" did get rather hot, so we decided to shed the head-gear and move on with the evening. :) We'll have to do it again when y'all come visit. So, bring a costume! lol :)

  3. This would explain the sudden influx of visits to my I guess I'll go ahead and post. ;)

  4. Ashton...what can I I'm a problem with that? ;-)

  5. On the contrary, they just wanted to see my awesome photography and decided to use your site as a way to get there. ;)

  6. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I sense a little...ummm rivalry thats the word. -Goose-

  7. lol. No cherry (maraschino or not!) for you, Ashton! lol :D


  8. Losing my cherry privileges without an explanation? :O

    We were just bantering words, at least from what I could tell.

  9. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Ok, somthing must be differant between yours and Jessica's brain test. It now says that I am an ESFJ which I don't mind at all.

  10. Ashton,

    If Jessica's reasons for losing your cherry are not good enough, I have better reasons...

    1. They are the bad color...if they were yellow, this might be a different matter...

    2. How do you think they get that juice so red...not from anything natural...serious Red40 going on here...

    3. Don't you know those things are JAM PACKED with sugar!?!?!?! I mean, why don't you just take a spoonful of sugar, pour some red dye on it and voila! Maraschino cherry juice!!!! ;-) lol


    Hmmmm...that's odd. The test is the same...but I have friends that took it twice(I suppose in different moods...;-)) and came out with different brain types...go figure...Which do you think describes you better?

  11. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Frankly I think this last one is close. But, I would really like to be ENFJ.

  12. Hmm, since it appears that a cherry isn't favorable, what would you suggest?

    [personally I wouldn't mind a cheesecake ;) ]

  13. Ashton,

    Cheesecake, eh? Gee, I wonder what gave you that idea... ;-) Maybe I'll put up a poll..."Which kind of cheesecake would you like?" lol

    You know, I just might do would give me some ideas for ones to make when I get back...


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