Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well, we did get all of our apples cut, some of them we cooked and mashed and seasoned, others were just sliced and dabbled with lemon juice to prevent browning and put in bags for future use, but they all ended up in the freezer.  I finished the pesto (the other basil plant is still towering over the other plants and it calls to me every time I step outside..."pick me, pick me!")  Anyhoo, our basement freezer is now delightfully decorated with jars and bags of food waiting every so patiently to be consumed. :)  Here are a few pictures of the Apple Extravaganza and the rest of the pictures of our pesto making....

Melissa Dear, here is your surprise...go ahead and try really works...please share it with all of my other dahlin' friends up there...and for anyone else who might enjoy it, you can try it too... ;-)

We bought this fancy shmansy apple peeler thing-a-ma-jig at the orchard, and it works so nicely!  The peel comes off like it does in the "Tall American Tales - Johnny Appleseed" cartoon from forever ago...just wondering...anybody ever had fried apple peels?
Fresh dye-free, wax-free apples make the best applesauce.

Em really likes the apple peeler., this one isn't a scratch and sniff sticker...sorry...

Fresh steaming hot applesauce smells so good(and no, this one isn't either)...
...that nobody was interested in waiting until it was cold to eat it...
And last but not least, Grace and Abigail grace the picture of our food supply.  On stage left(your right) was a huge pile of bagged apples.  There are more jars of pesto and applesauce behind the pyramid that we built...oh, and the leaves came from our yard...I can't believe they are turning colors already...Jessica and I are looking forward to raking again. lol :)


  1. *DEEP LONG SNIFF* Wow, Tiff, that great scent has made me want to walk on air for a week!!!
    Now if only it said, "Scratch and Bite" now that would be awesome. ROFLOL! Just hope Amelia Bedelia doesn't read your blog! LOL. Okay, corny joke. It's late. LOL.


  2. *looks really funny smelling the somputer* I know what you mean Jessica, scratch and bite would be awesome !!!
    Thanks for my surprise !!

  3. Melissa,

    lol, I just wish I could get a count on how many people actually tried

    When you come visit, you can have a real one. :)

  4. Anonymous3:59 PM

    That pesto was so delicious! I didn't realize just how much you had made! such fun it looks :-)



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