Monday, October 22, 2007

We went to the Candler's house after church on Sunday. The little girls had a blast on the trampoline, the...I don't know what to call them...the "middle girls" went for a walk down to the creek...yeah, Jess went too...*waiting patiently for sounds that arise from shock to subside*...

"It was fun....there were no bugs or frogs or anything..."quotes Jessica...

Mr. Candler and my dad were keeping the fire pit warm and blazing. Melissa, Josiah, Caleb and I were having quite the time practicing our wonderful archery skills... :) Don't laugh, okay...there are some of you out there that saw me attempt to shoot a bow while we lived in Houston...but it was like a 55 pound draw...I mean, come you really think I could pull that thing back?!? :) So, I ordered a 35 instead...and while I don't have the string back to my ear yet, it's coming. :) Josiah was very kind and gave me some helpful tips...after which, I did actually hit the target...okay, well only once...remember, no laughing...don't burst my bubble... ;-)

When the Riggenbach's arrived, Mrs. R. came out to shoot the bow with us. Sierra also joined us with her 45...isn't that what you have? She's amazing...I couldn't pull that back for the life of me. The men roasted our Kosher hot dogs over the fire pit. When dinner was done, we all headed down to make s'mores. don't draw and quarter me for this...I'm not very fond of marshmallows. They make me sick. So, I just had chocolate and graham crackers. When the feasting was done, for the most part, the "middle girls" went out to the gazebo to ensure they had fond memories of Jessica's last night being 16. :) Below are some pictures for your viewing:

The gazebo rails.

The beautiful fire pit. Maybe my dad will build us one...;-)

Me, Caleb and Josiah...
Aiming...or at least, I'm trying to...

Firing...and hoping they make the target...

Me, Sierra, Mrs. Riggenbach and Josiah

Lily, Jess and Sierra in the gazebo making memories...

The Polka...

Dancing feet...any idea who they belong to? :)

Sierra and her burning marshmallow...she did this just for me...wasn't that so sweet! :)


  1. Do you do any archery hunting? Or do you just do archery hunting at a target?

  2. Uh....since this is the 2nd time I've ever handled a bow...I just try hard to make the target. :)

  3. Haha! To be honest I've never shot a bow -- well, I've shot plenty of bows I've made, even large crossbows but never store-bought bows.

    Now guns on the other hand, I own quite a few of those.

  4. sierra5:05 PM

    Yes, I have a 45 draw back, I couldn't do it at first, but then Dad loosened it up for me...Then it was much easier! :) Ummm, maybe you should take a different picture of me burning my marshmallow and then post it, that picture doesn't even look like me...:) Just kidding, see ya on Saturday, love ya! :)

  5. OOO, fun! I can't wait 'til I find a bow! Looks like a fun time!

  6. Speaking of making the target, how big is the canvas target you're making for Saturday?


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