Thursday, November 29, 2007

Once upon a time the story of Cinderella lived in the minds of every child. History became legend, legend became myth, and now after many layers of dust and cobwebs, the Cinderella gown was discovered once the unlikeliest of persons...a Viking. We are very pleased to give you a glimpse of this wonderful discovery...

"To leave, or not to leave...that is the question."

"Happy thoughts? Dancing, singing, never to see a mouse again! I can...

...not fly"

*orchestra picks up in the background*..."The hiiiilllllllssss are alive, with the sound of music....*orchestra fades out*
"Someday my prince will come"

"I have confidence in sunshine..."

"I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more..."

"Suddenly, suddenly it happens and your dream comes true...

...Wonderfully, beautifully it happens and your world is new..."

And if Prince Charming searches long enough on Rt. 24 and finds the slipper, they'll live happily every after...;-)

I also put some photos of our Christmas tree set-up on my photo blog.


  1. Melinda8:09 PM

    I love the pictures Tiffany. Where were y'all when you took them?

    Jessica is ABSOLUTELY!! BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so jealous of her dress!

  2. Um, Tiffany. Was Jessica really on top of the pumpkin wagon?

    Good job yet again on another "Tiffany Creation."

    Love ya,


  3. Melinda,

    Thanks! I thought they turned out nice. I took them at Mineral Springs park in Pekin (you know, the one y'all pass by in Court St. on the way to Pekin Manor...;-)). Well you know, Liberty Day is just around the corner... ;-)


    Yeah, she was hoping that if she stood there long enough it might turn into a golden carriage and have "real" horse power. :) Love you too.

  4. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hmmm, looks like someone has been spending a little too much time on :D

    The dress looks lovely! It's nice to see it actually finished! ;-)


  5. Lily,

    lol...we just couldn't resist. We almost put a funny caption below it, but decided not to.

    Thanks. I like seeing it finished too. :)

  6. Just for the record I'm not drooling on you blog..... my mouth is clamped shut ! :)

    It is sooooo pretty !!! I just might kidnap you ! :)

    Awesome job!!

  7. Sierra12:44 PM

    And yet another WONDERFUL creation by Tiff! Good job! I love it! Jessica, you look awesome in it! Love ya girls! :)

  8. I thought Husqvarna only made lawnmowers, chainsaws, but SEWING MACHINES?!

    I've been wondering, how did you guys find Jordan Niednagel's site?

  9. That's Truly Scrumptious! : ) What was the occasion?
    Lovely work, as always!

  10. Oh, and where did you get/how did you make those DARLING slippers??? I have a ball coming up, you know... : )

    P.S. Who's Jessica's haristylest? I may need my agent to get a hold of her! :-p

  11. Melissa,

    lol...Thanks...I'm sure my website(or maybe blogger, or maybe even your computer screen ;-)) appreciates it! lol Kidnapping...oh, sounds lovely! :)


    Thanks. We were SO glad y'all were able to come last night. :) 'Twoudn't have been the same without y'all. :)


    lol...I thought they ONLY made sewing machines...and then I saw a catalog for everything else they

    A friend of ours had seen a funny video Jordan had made, and because it was based off of a movie that we love, they sent it to us...and the rest is history...;-)


    Well, the costume contest, first off, and then she's also planning on wearing it to the Liberty Day event in March.

    We bought the slippers from a ballet supply store online...I can't remember the name of the company, but we just did a google search for them. They were plain white with elastic bands. We bought them last year for Christa's wedding, so after we took one look at them we decided we needed to fanci-fy them...lovely outcome, don't you think? :)

    Usually I do her hair, but I think she ended up putting it up herself. Oh, and your agent can contact us long as he/she covers our air fair... lol

  12. Once again, it is a beautiful dress!! Golly, I wish you were teaching me! :-) I have a Husqvarna; it works wonderfully!


  13. Goose1:21 PM

    More great photos Tiffany. How do you do it? Is Jessica really on top of the car? Thank you for praying. T.C.C -Goose-

  14. Thats a beautiful dress Tiffany!! Did you make it? :-)
    Uhhh... A Viking? :-)
    Haha!! I like the quotes under the pictures!! :-)
    AND thats a really pretty shoe! :-) Do you have that shoe? :-)
    Amy :O)

  15. Oh wait, I just read what you wrote about the shoes!! hehehe ;-) Never mind! :-P

  16. Oh, and never mind about the viking thing too! Oh my! I got to pay more attention to stuff!! hahaha ;-)

  17. Hey Joe,

    I thought Husqvarna only made chainsaws and mowers too! I just learned otherwise just a few months ago, and we own a mower from them!LOL


    I know Melinda would kill me if I comented about the dress :), but anyway, I actully took my pictures there with David about two years ago. It was fun.

  18. Ella,

    Thanks. Hey, if you ever want to come visit...we have plenty of room. :)


    We went to the park for the "perfect" background, even though it was FREEZING cold! My hands were so numb by the time I was done...we sat and defrosted for several minutes before leaving. :) I think the people in the car next to us thought we were nuts. :)

    We've been keeping y'all in our prayers and will continue to do so. Keep us updated!


    lol, I used smaller font this time...I don't really know why, I just did. :) I did make the dress. The quotes...yes, I am a musical fan...I just couldn't resist. :)

    Josiah, did too!?!?! It sure is funny how guys/girls view things so differently. :)

    Well, if the Sanford's don't come tomorrow, you can tell me what you think. ;-) Not that we hope that is the case, mind you...such an awful thought...

    Mineral Springs park is really nice...if it wasn't soooo cold now, I'd consider doing some more photo shoots out there. :)

    See y'all tomorrow!

  19. I love the dress! :-) Jessica look so pretty! Do you make up all of your patterns? We usually start with a pattern and then change it drastically as we go along (usually because the pattern turns out to be a different size than is listed on the package.
    Our sewing machine just got fixed, so hopefully I can start sewing again sometimes soon. :-)
    Have a great day!


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