Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The day I flew back into town was also the day my dear friend Melinda was celebrating her birthday! The Ryken's were so kind and picked me up at the airport and we drove down to join in the festivities. The next week, my parents went out of town for their anniversary and my mom's birthday. Nine days at the house alone without them was a bit lonely, especially with all the rain we've been having. We took some pictures of Mom and the little ones and had them printed. There's a slide show at the end of those pictures. To keep the doom and gloom out, we got some crafty items out and went to work decorating to lighten up the house. Later on in the week, our dahlin' friends the Riggenbach's came over to stay with us, and then Melinda came out to spend time with us as well. Here are just a few pictures for your enjoyment!

Hmmm...I wonder what she could be up to?

Was it this?

William after he talked with Mom.

Voila! See the lovely new decor! You too can have this same look...just head out to your local office supply store, purchase some nice looking construction paper, tape, glue and scissors, and get ready to spend a whole afternoon making paper chains! ;)

Hard at work.

"You can't see me!!!"


Sisters...sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...

Sleeping on the job...or waiting for inspiration?

One foot, two foot.

The finished product! We couldn't get the whole banner in the lens, but at least this gives you an idea of our great accomplishment!

Is she inside...or outside?

William at nap time. Sound asleep and cuddling with mom's nightgown.

The ladies on our last day at Dalvay by the Lake.


  1. Looks like you've been having a lovely time, even in the absence of your parents. . .

    They're all beautiful photos, Tiffany! Little William is so cute - I suppose I can say that now; in a few more years he'll probably object to being called "cute"!!

  2. Lovely photos, as usual. I like the shot of the feet, is that William?

    While looking back over some of your older posts, I noticed a reference to our family. Yes, that proves that it has been awhile since I have found time to catch up on my blog reading! We had already solved our problem by the time, thank goodness; however, I am wondering what you were doing driving around using our style?!?!?!? You do know that we have patented the method, right? If I remember my royalty fees correctly, you owe use 2 cents for every hour you used the Hector "style" of meandering....



  3. Editrix,

    We did have a good time together. We never miss an opportunity to have a good time. :) lol...William is awfully cute, not that I'm biased or anything. And you're right, it probably won't be very long before he'd rather not be referred to as "cute." :)

    Hey Ben!

    My, but it has been while since you've been here! I'm so glad you decided to return. :) Yup, those are William's feet...darling little things, I think. :) lol...whilst driving around (attempting to get lost, but really knowing full well where we were, of course. ;)) down in Arkansas, we noticed that dump and water station and immediately thought of y'all. The Hector Style opportunity was just too exciting to pass up. Aha...but you see, you forgot to mention that you had patented the surely you'll let us get off the hook this time, eh? If not, I'm sure we can pull the couch cushions off and find some shiny treasures to fill your piggy bank...


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