Monday, September 29, 2008

So, I thought I'd post some pictures of the little cutie-pies at church...and random scenery photos too... Enjoy!

William and his best friend, Peter.

My little cow-poke.

*sigh* Herb season is coming to a close. :(

Kisses from Mom.

Playing Peek-a-Boo during a church meeting.

Sleeping on Mom.

Oh...and this is what our "neighborhood" looks like right now...

...errr, what it looked like last is overcast and rainy. :(

Happy girls.

Take 1

Take 2...couldn't decide which one I liked better...votes?

She likes to sing...she's also not camera shy, either.

Silly faces...funny little guy, he wouldn't give me a "normal" smile. :)

The Little McDonald lady singers...notice the Sound of Music pose. ;)
Photo Credit for this picture goes to Gar...thanks for capturing the moment for me!


  1. AWESOME pictures Tiffany!! You continue to amaze me... I think I need to come out to Illinois for a class sometime... How much do you charge? lol!

    Between the two, I would have to say I much prefer "Take #1". The lighting on, and the color of the baby is way too vibrant to hide it in a B&W shot.

    My favorite out of the bunch though is of the "cow-poke" leaning on the tree... very well done!! I look forward to seeing more!!


  2. I like the fourth picture the best! :)

  3. These are nice pictures. I like the sunset one. Were you using the 50mm lens?

    Have a great day.


  4. Thomas,

    What are you talking about?!?!? I'm sure your dad could take far better pictures than I could...especially since he has such cool lenses. :) Not that I'm coveting, mind you... ;)

    I really like the one in color, but I have such a weak spot for B/W pics. One day I'd like to have a black and white room with black and white photos all over the room. :)

    Thanks for the encouragement!


    Hmmm...I wonder why? lol I have some other ones from that day, but that one was my favorite. :)


    The first two were taken with the lens 18-55mm and since it is still in the shop, the rest were with the 50mm.

  5. AWSOME pictures Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Thomas about the picture, the lighting is too good to be hidden in black and white, though I must confess I share your weekness of black and white photos!

  6. I like the black-and-white-photo personally. . . yes, the coloured one is vibrant, but I think the vibrancy detracts from the gorgeous expression on the little one's face. Just my two cents!

    They're all fantastic photos. . . Is it just me, or are you a family of photographers? Your mom, you, and Jessica all feature so many gorgeous photos on your blogs!!

  7. The first shot is great! I also like the hay bale shot too. Cool pics.

    How do you like the speed of the 50mm? The large aperture is great isn't?

  8. Thanks, Elissa! Oh, then you'll love my black and white room...if I ever have one, anyway... :)


    Ahhhh....there IS someone with similar tastes! :)

    My mom used to take the most pictures in our family, so she definitely could do that again, but we have a newer camera with all sorts of little buttons and settings that she's never used before. So she's been content to just use the ones we get. Jessica and my other sister, Melissa, both enjoy taking photos as well. I'm glad you like the pictures...we're all still in the learning process! :)


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