Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This past Sunday was the first Sunday in our new building! It was also Life Chain Sunday, so we had a quick (but delicious, as it always is at our church :)) lunch and we headed back into town to take a stand for life. Afterwards, we came back to church and were treated to Italian Creme Sodas and Popcorn, compliments of the Evans family, and a moving documentary... This is only part one of Sunday, I'll get the other pictures of the later afternoon up soon.

This cute little girl is always up to something. :)

Lunch time!

Isn't that a nice looking little guy?

Doesn't he look happy?!?

Yes, I know she was in my last post, but really, isn't she just a beautiful baby?

*grin* I couldn't help posting a closer picture of her.

I'm not sure how to explain this one...I tried to explain it to his aunt right after I took it, but I don't think I did a good job...crying babies are just so cute...and no, I didn't pinch him or make him cry...honestly...

William and his other best friend, Ashton.

Dad being interviewed for the paper.


  1. The picture with Emma is really cute. :)

  2. Yippee! First comment! (Unless you have some unapproved ones hiding in the wings!) Still, I can feel special in my ignorance, if I want to...

    Congratulations on the new building! I am sure it is a much better fit, even though the lack of an "Oh So Convenient" bowling alley must be a crushing blow to many churchgoers.

    Sigh... No Black and White photos. Don't get me wrong, I still think your color shots are beautiful! Still, my winsome side enjoys a touch of the B&W....

    I must ask, what is an Italian Creme Soda? Is it a soda? Perhaps involving ice cream, despite the differences in spelling? Most importantly, how are the Italians involved? Are there other ethnic groups represented? Dutch Creme, Scottish Creme, Russian Creme, Japanese Creme? That last one makes me think raw fish, not an appealing soda flavor, even when mentally pictured....

    The weather, at least photographically, looked pleasant for Life Chain Sunday. Hopefully it was comfortable, and that the public received you favorably!

    Nice post!



  3. Jared,

    She's a cutie.


    Remember, "God made you special...and He loves you very much!" Don't you watch Veggie Tales? ;)

    Aha!! Another B&W fan. I did get a B&W shot of the sixth picture as well and was going to post it, but I thought I had too many pictures up already. :)

    Italian Creme Sodas are Italian because I was told they were Italian by the people who make them. Although, we could call them Scottish Creme Sodas for Reformation Day...thanks for the idea. :) The ingredients, for these delicious drinks include club soda, your favorite syrup (raspberry, pumpkin pie, vanilla, caramel, etc...), half-n-half, ice and whipped cream. What the exact measurements are is beyond me, but I'm sure I could get them for you. WHAT!?!?! You don't think a raw fish creme soda sounds appetizing? Come on...where's your adventurous spirit?!?!? :) JK That really sounds repulsive...and I like sushi... Moving right along now... :)

    The weather was perfect, in my humble opinion. I had a long sleeved shirt on and a light jacket. I'm sure the natives here might say differently, but I was fat and happy, even though Grace had my shades...but it's really hard to take pics with sunglasses on.

  4. great pics tiffany! ashton looks like he's having a swell time with the "sack of potatoes" on his shoulders!!

    taking pictures with sunglasses on involves a little bit of guess work... but when you live in the sun-shine state where everyone thinks the color of your eyes is "big and black" you get used to it.... hehe!

    looking forward to seeing the other half of the day!!


  5. Thomas,

    Thanks...and yes, I think Ashton always has a swell time toting that little guy around...after all, he doesn't have a little brother of his, rather, one that he can carry anyway. :)

    Hmmmm...taking pics with sunglasses on sounds like an art...I might have to try and master that art one day.


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