Monday, October 13, 2008

It had been a while since I'd heard this song, but after a long and trying day, it meant so much more to me. So, I thought I'd post the lyrics to the second verse here. And the pictures from "part-two" are below!

Lord Your mercy is so great
That You look beyond our Weakness
And find purest gold in miry clay
Making sinners into saints

I will always sing Your praise
Here on earth and ever after
For You've shown me Heaven's my
True home
When it's all been said and done
You're my life when life is gone
Lord I'll live my life for You

Okay, here is the black and white version of the picture in my last post. What a doll.

Colton, King of Italian Creme Sodas.

Syrup choices....oh so many to choose from!

"Why are you taking my picture?"

Jacob, the popcorn stuffer, this time in color!

Becca, Queen o' the Whipped Cream.

Yup, I'm taking your picture too. :)

Nathan and Zach were the Chief Butter-Melters.

Popcorn anyone? Just ask Nick, the popcorn-popper-person.

Levi gets the important job of pouring the hot butter over the warm popcorn. You know, if you haven't become friends with these delightful chefs, you really ought to do so. ;)

Peter took this picture of my hand while I was picking out notes for a song we're learning.

He also got this one...Melinda is so cute! :)

Well, that's all I have right now...until I get the pictures from yesterday downloaded. :)


  1. Melinda10:45 AM

    Thanks Tiff!! But I would have to say I look quite silly in that picture! :)

    Cannot wait to see the pictures from last night! ;)

    Love ya!

  2. How fun! It looks like you all had a blast :)

  3. Melinda Dahlin',

    It was such a cute picture...I just couldn't resist! :) And we are rather silly, aren't we?

    I've got the new ones downloaded, so I'll get them up soon. Love ya!


    Yes, it was fun...but then again, we always like to have fun...just wait till you come visit. :)

  4. The black and white cried out for me to comment on it, and I always needs answer such a summons....

    The color photo is pretty, but the B&W, oh! Words escape me.

    I think it is the eyes that leap off the page; deep, dark, limpid pools, reflecting the the serenity and security of being held by one she trusts. I get shivers just pondering both the aesthetic beauty of the scene, and the spiritual metaphors that can be drawn from it.

    Ok, words almost escaped me.....

    Thanks for posting the photo!



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