Thursday, October 16, 2008

This past Sunday the Lord saw fit to add to our numbers. The Bandy family took their membership vows and are now officially members! What an exciting day for us. On Monday, the Elders and Deacons had our quarterly family meeting, so most of us got together earlier in the day and made the meal for that evening...'twas a lovely night and I thought you'd enjoy some pictures from it. :)
William with his two best friends on Sunday.
Sorry, Ashton...I just couldn't resist. :)

Our newest members.

Nope...he's not homeless. :)

Rolling limes...building muscles. ;)

Even Peter came in to help out roll limes!

Auntie Em was one of the many who helped finish eating the limes. *shudder* Makes my jaw hurt just thinking about it!

Becca's up to something sweet...I think that machine is almost as big as her! :)

Melinda checking the chickens.

So we introduced our all time favorite pastime time to the girls...Chicken Pick'n! :)

Yup...even the boys experience the joys of pick'n chicken!

Hmmm...I wonder what they're making?

William can't wait for them to bake.

Yes, Ben, we thought of you as they baked...and then again as we ate them. :) Anybody know what they are?

Kneading sourdough.

Peter's leaning tower of wooden blocks.

Looks like somebody's passing off their sweeping job...:)

Shall we dance?

Oh...Polka anyone?

", that's okay...we'll live without doing the, really..." :)

More on this coming soon!


  1. I know. I know what you're baking.


  2. Haha...what a nice way to officially congratulate the new a flattering picture of one of them! ;)

    And I forgive you. ;D Beyond that, though...

    It is nice to know we're finally members. :)

    And them's peanut butter cookies.

  3. What a classic deer in the headlights look for Ashton. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the look a person must get before being removed from the terrestrial roll call by a semi-truck....

    I didn't know that Em was a fellow fan of the highly tart citrus! We had friends with a lemon tree, and I used to just sit under eating lemons, in season.... Though, limes are wonderful too!

    William's stare looks almost intense enough to bake those cookies....

    Peanut butter cookies! How delightfully scrumptious! When can I expect a big box to arrive in the mail? Maybe I should take a lesson from William, and go sit down at the road, staring at the mailbox....

    No event is complete without dancing, especially when you have such a wonderful room in which to do so!



  4. Dear Mrs. H,

    *big grin* it really that obvious? ;)

    Newest Member Ashton,

    Really...if you wouldn't make those kinds of faces, we wouldn't capture them on camera, now would we? ;) And yes, it's so lovely to have y'all as members...

    Yup, that they are...Peanut Butter cookies...if you scratch the picture/sticker, you can smell them! :)


    lol...yes, I did catch him off guard, though. :)

    Aha! Em will be thrilled to know that y'all have something else in common! :) We rave lemons and limes here, but mostly limes. :)

    William was trying so hard not to eat the dough. :) Hmmm...a box in the mail? But don't you think they'd be kind of old? But then again, you could microwave them once they Jess does. :) And nope...good dances always make such a nice close to such a nice evening!

  5. Great pictures! Do you deliver cookies? :D

    BTW I tagged you, check out my blog for info!


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