Saturday, October 18, 2008

So, I made this dress up last year for our Reformation Day Faire, and since I never seem to get pictures of my dresses when I'm wearing them, I decided to put Melissa in it and get pictures of her! :) they are! Also, I'm going to be selling this on Ebay, so I'll put a link up when I figure out how to get it work. :)

The real dress.

My version...


  1. That is gorgeous! You are a very good seamstress! I love it!

  2. Brooke Whitaker7:42 PM

    That's so AWESOME, Tiffany!! You did a great job!!

    Did you use a pattern for it or did you draw one? I've drawn quite a few, but I haven done a dress yet.

    I wanted to make a dress kind of like that for Reformation Day, but the one one I wanted to do called for 16 yards of the main fabric so...... :D I had to make one with tight sleeves. :)

    Brooke Whitaker

  3. BEAUTIFUL Tiff!! I love it! GREAT job! :)

  4. That is SOOO gorgeous Tiffany!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME job!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No need to tell Ben, he does actually check the blog too!

    Peanut butter cookies on the line, hmmmm..... Well, you can bet I will be at the top of my game.

    That dress is absolutely GORGEOUS! That shows quite a bit of skill o' the needle. (Or should I say sewing machine?) The billowy sleeves are the best part! How long did you spend on the project?

    You really must find someone to take at least one picture of you wearing it. Especially if you are going to wear it again, this year...


  6. Oh, how beautiful! You really are a talented seamstress; so much work and love goes into your creations!

    I do hope I'll be able to put an "order" in while I'm there. Do you think you'll have time to fabric shop with me?

    As for knitting, I'm afraid I won't be as much help as I'd like to be! I put my needles down for a long time, and just recently picked them back up again. I'm just now teaching myself the more advanced stitches.. Perhaps we can learn together, instead of me teaching you?

  7. Elizabeth7:23 AM

    Can I just say WOW? I myself sew but I think my days of sewing as well as you do are a little farther off!:^)

    Elizabeth R.

  8. Wow Tiffany! You are an incredible seamstress.
    How long did that take you, and about? I know simplicity has a pattern for that Eowyn dress, did you alter it at all (or even use a pattern)?

  9. I simply LOVE that dress!!! You did a wonderful job!!


  10. Joanna, Sierra, Elissa,

    Thanks! It was a fun project.


    I purchased the Simplicity pattern, but wasn't too thrilled with it. The gown was okay, but I drew my own yoke so that it would look like the original gown. I also drew my own vest. The whole costume is three pieces, the gown, vest and the outer corset. I also quilted my outer corset since Eowyn's was. :) I had a ton of stills printed off so that I could make my look as close to hers as possible. lol...and yes, those sleeves do take up quite a bit of fabric. :) Can't wait to see what you're Reformation gown is going to look like! :)

    Ben, you? Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

    And yes, 'twas the sewing machine. :) Unfortunately, I'm not a huge fan of hand sewing. :) Hmmm...I'm not really sure how long it took me to make that one. I had several projects going at one time (as I do now! :)) for our party last year, so I really have no idea how long it took...but then again, we were cramming for time (we're those terrible last minute people) :)) so it wasn't a long time. There are a few pics of me in the dress, but most of the time I'm wrapped up in a cape trying to keep warm...and sadly, I won't be wearing it this year. :) It's a girl thing...must have something new for the ball! :)

    Jennifer, was a good excuse to make a Lord of the Rings gown. :)

    And yes, I'd LOVE to go fabric shopping with you! :) It'll be so fun to have you out here in the states, and I'm looking forward to working on your dress!

    On the knitting line, I'm always looking for something new to learn. But, it's always more fun to learn with somebody else! :) The more the merrier, in my opinion! :)


    Thanks...there was a time when I didn't think I'd ever be able to master something like this or draft my own patterns. :) But a nice visit with a friend of mine, and a whole new world was before me. I'm sure you'll be there someday.


    I'm not really sure how long it took. I had the gown made up in an afternoon, and the vest was a pretty breezy job...but all of that quilting on the corset...that was time consuming. :) Not to mention all the thread that went into it! :) I can't tell you how many trips I had to make into town for MORE brown thread! lol... But it was worth it. :) I did buy the Simplicity pattern, but wasn't overly impressed with it. I used the gown as a base for mine, with my own yoke and some other alterations. I also used the vest for the basic fit, but cut it up and added/took away things to it so that it would look more authentic. The corset I made really was neat project.


    Thanks...that's the dress I was wearing when I first met y'all. :) Except for that time in New Mexico...silly me...I'm always forgetting that event.

  11. Beautiful! You did a really good job on that. Those were quite a few details to include!
    A lady down the street from us has been teaching me and my sisters how to knit, etc. She also has three weaving looms and is planning on teaching us how to weave. I can't wait to learn more about weaving and sewing!


  12. Wow, it's beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous. . .

  13. By the way, thanks for the comment!
    It some how ended up in my spam queue so I didn't find it until today, so that's why it didn't show up.


  14. Looks great, but will it make me look fat?

  15. Anonymous5:09 PM


    You're a really good seamtress! I'm learning how to sew and it's very fun.


    Johanna Kautt (Abby's younger sister)

  16. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Wow! I'm A little late, but, Beautiful dress!!!
    Rachel, a friend of Brooke Whitaker.


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