Thursday, June 25, 2009

During our stay in lovely Colorado, Mr. Chapa took us on a private tour of the Air Force Academy. We had a wonderful visit there and were able to see many things that people don't usually get to see when they tour the grounds. Afterwards, we took a quick drive through the Garden of the Gods and made a few stops for pictures. I'd love to write pages on both places we visited, but time doesn't allow for that right now, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mr. Chapa and Dad in front of the Air Force Academy

Dad decided that Abby and I needed a picture in front of the Air Force Academy. :)
(Photo Credit: Dad)

Funny sign in one of the test rooms.

Jessica and her...hat? :)

The amazing "Hush Room."

The dent in the wall of a wind tunnel where a test object almost came through. I can't believe how black it is from so many people touching it. Purell anyone? :)

A funny sign in a classroom.

The gorgeous chapel.

Lt. Colonel Chapa and the plane he flew.

The organ in the chapel.

The group...notice the reflection in the floor.

Rolling down Liberty Hill, I think.

The Sisters in front of the plane and the chapel.
Photo Credit: Abigail

Beautiful Pike's Peak. Dad and the boys were able to go to the top one day.

"Helping" to get the girls out. :)

Dad and the Little Man.

Jess, William and I on the rocks.
Photo Credit: Dad

The Sisters at the gate.
Photo Credit: Dad

Part two of the trip comes soon!


  1. It looks like y'all had a great time with the Chapas. They are a great family. Shiny floors are a good thing!!
    I assume that they are referring to the triune God?

  2. Looks like you had a simply smashing time!!! :) I just love those pics in the chapel.... wow, that organ is magnificent indeed!!! Thank you for sharing, Tiffany! Hope you are having a sweet day!!

    Blessings~ Jen

  3. wonderful pictures! looks like a great time! :)
    I used to have a little deck of cards that had Pike Peaks on them that my Aunt got me when she went on a trip there! We also had a snow globe of them too!
    The Daily Planet

  4. Oh, I so wish we could have been in CO for that part - silly rental cars.
    Looks like it was fun. CO is a very pretty state.

    Glad y'all are home safe and sound.

    Blessings, Mrs.H

  5. Those are certainly lovely pictures!

    I am curious, did you happen to make the white "jacket" that Jess is wearing? I love it....maybe even more than the scenery shots =)

  6. Mr. H.,

    Are you referring to the triangular shape of the chapel? We did have a nice time, although I must admit it would've been better if four extra people had been around. :) Miss y'all!


    We did have a wonderful time and were sooo sad to see it come to a close so soon. :( The organ was amazing. I only wish we had been able to hear it being played instead of tuned. :)


    Pikes Peak was simply gorgeous! The guys had a good time going to the top. I'm going to have to go back and go up myself one day.

    Mrs. H.,

    *sigh* Yes, me too. :( We had a wonderful time, but it would have been superb if y'all had been there. Lovely state, wonderful times, very dear friends and great memories! Miss y'all tons!!!!


    lol, actually we bought it at a department store and she didn't like the way it looked, so she cut it here and cut it there and turned into what it is now. :) It is cute, but I personally think the scenery is better. *laughs* :)

  7. I'm just sighing looking at your beautiful pictures. I have such a love for the west and it's beauty. We used to live in Wyoming, and in South Dakota, and we were able to visit Colorado. Such amazing scenery that God created! It looks like your family had lots of fun :). The chapel at the Air Force Academy is amazing isn't it?! I love the picture of your family, with the reflection on the shiny floor :).

  8. Nice to see pictures so soon! Looks like you all had fun :) I love Pike's Peak.. it's so much fun to watch storms come over the pass :)

    Glad you all got home safe!


  9. Tiff,

    My guess is he was referring to the pluralization of certain deities in their agricultural pursuits....

    Love the pictures of the rocks. The contrast of all the colors, the reds, and blues and greens, all very lovely; kind of like California, and not all that boring green you see floating around Illinois.

    The chapel is.....interesting. Looks a bit like something from Star Wars, and I expected to see Yoda fighting some bad guy in the background of one of your photos. *sigh* I guess I am just too much of a neoclassicist to appreciate the post-modern style of such things.

    Was it really that blue inside?



  10. Jen,

    Oh, just visiting is amazing! I can't imagine actually living there! I wonder how many people take the view for granted... The academy grounds were lots of fun to explore, and I wish we could've spent more time there. *sigh* I guess we'll have to go back! :)


    Yes, just looking at Pikes Peak is breathtaking. One day I want to make it to the top, and preferably on foot. :)


    lol, yes, a little birdie told me that... :) He mentioned something about the floors, and then asked the question...must be the blond in me coming out again. :)

    Hmmm, so that is a small taste of California, eh? Your grass isn't quite as green, though... *sigh* I'm still trying to picture it.

    The chapel is fascinating! They built the academy in the 40's, I think and they wanted it to have a sci-fi look...methinks they succeeded. :) lol, Yoda? Wow...not being a Star Wars fan, that thought never crossed my mind. I kept thinking of the Jetson's. :)

    Yes, it really is blue inside...very different. Missed y'all that day...

  11. y'all got to visit the Air Force Accadamy! Stephen is leaving for there tomorrow morning and I can't wait to visit! the chapel looks so beautiful! :)


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