Monday, June 01, 2009

So much has happened in the past few weeks that I don't really know where I should begin. The family drove down to Tennessee for our annual Presbytery meeting where we had the opportunity to meet new people and spend time with old friends. This is one of the highlights of our year and we're already eagerly looking forward to next year!

After the festivities came to an end, Jess, Melissa, Caleb, a friend from church and I went on a four day journey with our very dear friends, the Hectors. Brown signs marking historic markers were spotted and we stopped several times to see so many different things. Among the highlights were the Kentucky Derby, a knife store, Wilbur Wright's birthplace and last but not least, the Creation Museum. There was so much to see, and so little time. Picking out pictures to blog proved to be a bit difficult, and I hope the selection below isn't too tiring. :) With so many people taking pictures, I honestly don't know who took some of these, or I'd give photo credit...but without the joint effort, we wouldn't have them. :) Enjoy!

There was quite a bit of cooking to do and we were more than happy to help out the breakfast team.

I had a lovely time meeting new friends...

...and catching up with old ones. Don't ask how many pies some of them consumed...

A evening of dancing was the highlight one night.

I honestly can't think of a caption for this one... :)

The Grand Ole Opry was our first stop on our way out of Tennessee.

The McD children.

A Titanic pose was in order.

Jess and Meli inside the Grand Ole' Opry Hotel.

Caleb too...he was too cute not to post. :)

The Smokey Mountain Knife Works Shop or mall or museum...a.k.a. the most impressive knife shop I've ever been in...okay, so maybe it's the only one too... :) I can't believe we left the place without getting one shot of the person who was responsible for our trip there...

Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my!!

Of course John Wayne would be at a knife shop...

Hehe, and what kind of world would this be if Deputy Fife were not around?

Yeah, the knife place had some interesting antique masks...

Too bad we didn't buy them...kinda cute, eh? ;)

I believe Ben's comment was something along the lines of Padme meets the Aztec Empire.

Melissa doesn't look too impressed.

Melissa finds her dream home. :)

Our wonderful driver, who is, among many things, a very dear friend.

A round of Putt-putt was put on the travel schedule.

This sign made us laugh so hard, so we snapped a picture of it to share here.

We thought this tunnel was impressive...and then we drove under a mountain. Unfortunately, there isn't a picture of that tunnel.

Being back in the South meant we just had to buy the best ice cream. :)

Mr. and Mrs. H., the two wonderful, darling people who risked their sanity when they took us on a four day journey in their RV...I love you two!! :)

Here we are in front of the famous race horse, Man O'War.

We stood in line and filled in the gap that shows how long one stride of one of the famous race horses was.

Lil' Miss Sara on a plane.

Besides cutting himself with knives, Nic also finds dinosaurs rather dangerous.

Prince Charming? I could've sworn the fairy tale said that the princess was supposed to kiss the frog...

Mother and daughter taking school on the road.

Nic studying a chart.

Outside of the Creation Museum. This wraps up part one of hopefully a two (maybe three?) part series of pictures from the last 18 days...hopefully. :)


  1. Wow.... it looks like you have been busy,busy bees of late! How nice!! :)
    I enjoyed every pic! On my... that blue bell Pecan Pralines'n Cream Ice Cream looks SO good!! ;)

    Love & Hugs~ Jen

  2. haha! Some great pictures - thanks for sharing! I especially want to ask Melissa if I can buy her dream house off of her... love it. ;)

  3. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Wow! It looks like you had a great time in Tennessee! Love the pictures! :)

  4. Great pictures. I love the Creation Museum, the Planetarium (sp?) was my favorite part.

  5. Jen,

    Yes, we have been very delightfully busy!! :) It was sad to see our friends leave and we're adjusting to life without eleven extra people around. :) Wanna come visit? ;)


    lol, isn't that house great?! After some of us were tired of the knife shop, we walked down to an antique store and the house waiting in the yard. Too bad we didn't have room in the RV or boat to take it home with us... :)


    Yes, we had a fabulous time, and I'm so sad it's all over...*sigh* But, next year will be here before we know it!! :)


    Yes, yes yes!! That was our favorite part too! I had to close my eyes a few times to keep from getting sick, but other than that, it was absolutely amazing! To think that we're so small in comparison to the rest of the universe, and that God still numbers the hair on our Can't wait to go back! :)

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM

    I really enjoyed the pictures, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I'd be hard pressed to say which photo is my fav, but I've got to mention "Padme meets the Aztec Empire" and the bathroom sign. =D
    I'm looking forward to seeing the rest! =)
    In Christ,

  7. those are just too funny. Really the one with the dangerous dinosaur made me think of my dad.

    I just finished King of the wind. So I was glad that I new who that horse was.


  8. Hey Tiffany! Looks like y'all have been having an absolutely marvelous time! We're getting ready to do some traveling too and we're hoping to go to the Creation Museum before Stephen leaves for the Accadamy! Loved the pictures (especially Melissa and her dream hous! :)
    Hope you're doing well!
    Love and Blessings!

  9. Anonymous4:31 PM

    I love Jessica's dress! You have a beautiful family!

  10. Tiff! Those are beautiful! I love the 8th one! :)

    At first I thought you were going to do a post about your *whole* trip, and I was like...WOW! lol. ;)

    Well I'm glad you had a good time! Love you, and have an awesome week! <3

  11. Cool! you got to go to the Creation Museum? I hope to someday! I like the one of Mellissa and the dinosaur. That's a good one! : )

  12. Forgot to say, the Titanic pic is SO cool too! : )

  13. Ben's comment about the picture = Pure genius.

    Was Nic trying to play putt-putt like pool? It looked pretty suspicious... I got kicked out of a mini-golf joint once. No kidding.

  14. Kattyrae,

    We did have a grand time! It was difficult for me to pick out the ones I published, and there are still some I wished I'd posted. :)


    The dangerous dinosaur is definitely one of my favorites. :) To be quite honest, I had no idea who the horse was! I thought we were going to see a real horse and then realized the horse had been dead for some time. :) Most of our group was already aware of that fact. :)


    Her dress is very cute...I was bummed there was only one. :)


    Glad you enjoyed them! I wish I was able to give credit to the many people who took them, but after picking out the ones I took, I honestly have no idea! :)

    I don't have pictures from the rest of our time with the Hectors because our card was either still full, or the battery was dead. :) So, I need to get the pics from them...or just link to them.... Love you and see you later!


    Yes, the Creation Museum was just amazing! We didn't spend an entire day there, so I'm hoping we can go back soon. Melissa kissed a frog back in January and that didn't she tried a dinosaur instead...that didn't work either. :) Glad you enjoyed the pictures!


    lol, yeah, I thought so too. ;)

    Nic was taking the game very seriously and wanted to make sure he was lined up correctly...playing it like pool sounds.....interesting? It really doesn't surprise me that you managed to get yourself kicked out of a mini-golf'll have to give me details on Sunday.

  15. There are to many pictures!!! I could write a paragraph comment about each one, since they are all great memories!

    My caption for the captionless photo is: "'Two' of the coolest people at Presbytery"

    Did the Titanic have florescent lighting?

    Meli and Jess are hilarious with the bear! We didn't get a picture of any of the creepy zombie children!

    Who is the good looking guy with the African mask? I'd like to meet him.

    So many memories, so much fun!


  16. Anonymous3:41 PM

    "Padme meets the Aztec Empire"

    Too funny! :) I'm not that big of a fan of Padme's OUTRAGEOUS hairpieces... :)

    I like the Prince Charming pic too! :)


  17. lol, too many? We did so much and you're right, there are sweet and wonderful memories tied to each one.

    Two of the coolest, eh? Really, you are too kind! :)

    I think they were fortunate enough to not have florescent lights on the Titanic.

    You're right! We should've had somebody with a frightened expression on their faces posed with one of them! Bummer...

    Oh, the guy with the African mask...he hasn't been around much lately. :( Sorry, you're out of luck...if I see him again, I'll let you know!


    lol, she does have some ridiculous hair-dos and head pieces! The hat we found was pretty funny though.


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