Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Tremont Turkey Festival was back again this year. We have never attended before, but our friends the Riggenbachs and Candlers have been and invited us to go with them Thursday evening. We headed over at five to be there when the carnival opened and met in front of our favorite ice cream shop. The smell of funnel cakes, popcorn and other rather unhealthy fried foods engulfed us as we wandered through checking out the rides and other activities. Here are just a few pictures from the day, and you can see more on Sierra's blog!

The group who braved the crazy "Orbiter."

Caleb and Josiah looking serious...

...Jess and Sierra looking not so serious!

The lil' ones.

Some of the kids on the swings.

Em and the little man on the "roller coaster!" :)

Dad, William and Em on the Ferris Wheel.

We were given a private tour of the turkey trucks. This kind gentleman even shared the top secret recipe...

And I shall leave you with Mrs. R. and Jess once more on the Orbiter.


  1. Ferris, dearie, it's a Ferris wheel.

  2. lol, did I say Farris? *goes to fix silly mistake* Thanks. :)


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