Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was delighted when my friend asked me to take her senior portraits a few weeks ago. Since Spring doesn't come as early here as it does down South, we kept putting the pictures off until our travels were done, the grass was green, the trees had leaves and the flowers had bloomed. Personally, I'm rather glad we were able to wait, since my lovely subject deserved a beautiful background. She has kindly agreed to allow me to share a few photos, so please enjoy and let me know what you think of them!

This one is a bit over exposed (and I hate the black things on the trees), but I loved her expression and decided to post it anyway. :)

A Lily among the...plants? :)

Such a sweet smile.

Two squirrels. I don't think I've ever seen one as blond as the one on the left.

He kinda looks like Pip from Enchanted! :)

Looking behind to learn for the road ahead.

I love fountains!

The steps are behind her, now there are mountains to climb!

We found shade underneath the Weeping Willow tree.

Jess swingin' on a vine...thought she was in The Jungle Book or somethin'... :)

Oh, I just love Weeping Willows!

Lost in thought.

As long as my heart is beating, Where You lead me I will follow...

...Where You lead me I give my life away ~MercyMe


  1. They're beautiful! Such a pretty subject, and I love her choice of dress.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures, Tiff Darling! :) I love love love them!! The last is definitely my favorite, though they're all gorgeous! Whoever posed her did an amazing job! *grin* LOL!

    Love, Jess

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love all the settings, the colors; everything (especially your friend) is so pretty. I chuckled at Jess pretending to be Tarzan - white sunglasses are the epitome of awesomeness. ;)

  4. Lovely stuff, Miss Tiff. The big question is... How does Miss L. feel about them? I like the subdued backgrounds in #'s 2 & 12.

    Are the squirrels graduating as well?

  5. Good photos... sappy captions!

  6. My favorite is the fountain picture. Though they were all lovely.

    Congratulations Lily, and lovely photography Tiffany

  7. Tracy,

    Thanks...I love her dress too! :)


    lol...I can't believe I forgot to mention how totally awesome you were! That's what I get for trying to upload pictures and type at the same time, I guess! For the record, you were TOTALLY AWESOME!!! :) Love you!


    Thanks...we had fun! :) She is a lovely subject and Jess is so much fun! :)

    Mr. H.,

    I believe she likes least, she liked the one on the train tracks. I am so glad you like them! :) Awww...wouldn't the squirrels look cute with graduation caps and gowns? :)

    Mr. R.,

    Hey...when it's a post about a graduation, of course the captions are going to be sappy!!! :)


    The fountain and the rail road tracks were my favorites. Thanks!

  8. I like the train track ones, and oh, the willows are sooo cool! I'm afraid I fall over dead for willows! I love them! : ) Those were good: )We took our brothers graduation pictures, and I posted only 'one' good one on my blog. the others were the goofy ones : ) lol! My sister and I get a lot of ideas for pics by looking on here : D

  9. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Wow!! You are an amazing photographer!! Just lovely!! The one with the fountain in the background is my favorite!!

  10. Beautiful! I love her dress, and the pictures with the fountain.

  11. Tiffany,
    I SO enjoyed this post!!! :D
    You did a lovely job.
    My favorite is the last one...
    SO sweet!!! :) I just love train
    tracks!!!! Hope you are having a lovely week!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  12. Very lovely photos, which is to be expected considering the subject and the photographer. That park looks rather fun, and deserves more exploration some time.

    Mr. R. is correct, the captions are somewhat sappy.....

    Now we will have to start calling Jess, Jane!


  13. Those are simply gorgeous! The railroad track and fountin pics are my absolute favorite!

  14. Love the photos, Tiffany!

    I am rather partial to weeping willows too...wish they were more abundant in Texas...

    Keep up the good work!


  15. The pictures are beutiful! I love the dress that the girl wore in the picture. The pictures and the hairstyle and dress give the pictures an old fashion look. The pistures are absolutely beautiful! Great job and great model!


  16. lthilwen,

    lol, goofy ones are fun too. :) I'm glad the pictures here are an inspiration!


    Thanks! It's really more of a hobby. :)


    I love her dress too! :) She always makes the cutest things to wear. :)


    I was very happy with the train track poses...I really LOVE pictures on train tracks! :) Glad you enjoyed the post.


    *smiles* I'm very happy you like them. We actually went to two parks and two down-towns. :) We'll have to take you to both when you come out next. One of them is across the street from the sun-dial *hint, hint* :)

    Yes, sappy is what I wanted! :) Graduations are always sappy! Jess is awesome, but you knew that, didn't you? :)


    Thanks...mine too!

    Hey Allison!!

    Great to "hear" from you! They are more common in the west Texas area, but not so much in San Anton. I wish we had some on our property...


    What a lovely name! Yes, my friend usually has the sweetest clothes and has many hats that are just perfect! Thanks!

  17. Hey, I'm pretty sure that one of those pictures had a different girl in it. Just sayin'... :)

  18. I've got to say, Jeremy, you are very observant... :)


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