Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer means gardens. Gardens mean produce. Produce means lots of cucumbers from our wonderful neighbor; which means lots of pickles for us to make! Thanks to a dear friend at church, mom and I just learned how to can! We came home with what we had just learned and put our new knowledge to use. We showed the girls what to do, and together, the four of us canned lots of Kosher Dill Pickles! It was a long, warm, and messy process; but, we were so proud of actually doing it right. We got sooo excited when the lids started popping. :) Such simple pleasures...

Earlier this week, a storm blew through Central Illinois and the strong winds knocked a rather large branch off of a tree in our yard, so I took some pictures of William and Em playing out there as well. Enjoy the few pictures below!

Pulling the jars out of the water bath.

Awwwww....aren't they cute?!?!

All freshly canned and now these lovely jars decorate our pantry.

The Sisters.

My dear Mother, Melissa and the little man and our pickles.

Prince Charming isn't so fond of his crown.

Fallen trees are easier to climb.

The little man spies something through the leaves.

'Twould appear that what he saw has given him a reason to smile...

Prince Charming meets the fair Cinderella.

His crown once is more upon his head, and the fair princess sits beside him.

Forget the formalities!
See you next time!


  1. We have the cutest siblings ever!!!!!!!! The world should be jealous. :D

    I loke that last picture best. You realize that William is making sure his face is just like Em's, right?:D Hehe. I love it.

    love you much,


  2. Did you pick a peck of peppered pickles?

  3. Simply delightful.... :) Tiffany!
    I think one of my favorite things about Summer is canning too! :)
    SO fun!!!

    Love & Hugs~ Jen

  4. Glad to see y'all had success with the canning excursion! Hehe, and was everyone standing around the pan intently watching the water? ;) Er...'scuse me, I'll leave the room now...

    Enjoyed muchly looking at all the pictures! :)

    Hmm...Prince about the Green-Haired Bard of McPickled Manor? Just like...imagine the blonde hair is actually the bald part and his leafy hair only encircles the sides of his head...

  5. Jess,

    Yes, we certainly do! :) lol, he has to be like Em all the time...silly boy!

    Love you! <3

    Mr. H.,

    Nope, we didn't pick the peck, our friends picked 'em! Apples will be the next picking adventure. :)


    It certainly was a fun process, and I'm so glad we finally figured out how to do it! We're hoping to do quite a bit with our newfound hobby. :)


    lol, to be quite honest, yes, at one point we were all standing around watching and waiting for the water to boil. :) Nuts, I know.... long did it take you to come up with a name like that? Might I ask how much sugar you had? :)

  6. Oh, what fun! I am very impressed with your first canning adventure.

    Isn't it funny how God's playgrounds are far more fun than a man-made playground.

    Love, Mrs.H

  7. Tiffany,
    What recipe did you
    use for the pickles?!

    Many Blessings~ Jen

  8. Anonymous1:11 AM

    *sigh* Funny how seemingly small or mundane things like canning pickles make life more enjoyable. Lovely photos (as usual ;) ).

  9. My dear Mrs. H.,

    The canning process was long and tiring, but it was fun, and I am SO glad that we finally learned how to do it. :)

    Yes, playgrounds tend to make me dizzy, back yards (or front yards in our case :)) and natural play grounds are so much more enjoyable!

    Love you!


    We used a Kosher Dill recipe in our Southern Living cookbook. I'll see if I can dig it up for you! :)


    I'm glad you enjoyed the post and pictures! I'm working on a new post, so hopefully that will be up soon. :)


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