Sunday, August 23, 2009

The geese flew by this morning. The sound of geese is very welcoming in the Spring, because we know it's beginning to thaw...the sound of geese now means that Summer is almost over...which is sad, because it really just began! Summertime here is very nice. It's cool for the most part, low humidity (well, coming from a former Texas resident, anyhow :)), and huge blue skies. Each time it rains, it seems to cool off just a little more.

The last post has pictures of the big storm from last week. I'd post pictures of us pulling our tree down, but the pictures from our walk yesterday were much cuter, so they made it to the blog first! :) We like to take walks and since the lambs were tired of being stuck in the "barn" during the rain storms, the little girls decided to take them out for some exercise. Cute, but very stubborn creatures...makes me wonder why the Lord compared us to sheep. ;) Taking Jeeves and Wooster along brought up some good conversation with the little girls, and great object lessons, though! So without further ado...the pictures:

Dad burning some of the brush and such from pulling our tree down. He's lovin' that fire pit!

Hey, it's my ham! With the amount of time that he spends in the sun, you'd think his hair would be white. Mine is getting lighter (which must explain why I was more "blond" than strawberry the other day :)) but his is getting darker. How odd is that?

William gets a nice head-butt from Jeeves.

A giant little girl on her bike. I can't count the number of times she's fallen off that thing! But she loves to ride now that she can without training wheels. If she can't be found inside, we know where to find her! Don't know what we're going to do when Winter comes...

It was 84 degrees, I believe at the time this picture was taken...Abby played all day in a long sleeved dress with a turtleneck. Grace on the other hand, knows how to dress for Summer!

The shepherdess... Oh, you see that blurry roundish light in the back? A car. Hmmm. I wonder.... perhaps if we could get the sheep to run at it, if we could shorten the butchering job...

My dahlin' sistas! Check out the reflection in Abby's sunglasses...

Awwww, but he's so cute, right? This is Wooster.

This is Jeeves, the big annoying one who likes to be the center of attention.

Awwww, Emma had two little lambs with fleece was black as....soot?

Ha! Check out the terrified look on Grace's face! Those sheep act like they're about to run you down... Not a pleasant feeling, I assure you.

Hehe...he likes flowers... *not laughing anymore* He ate my Hostas and Tulips...

We'll see you down the road!


  1. Tiffany,
    How LOVELY....
    what fabulous pictures!!!
    I just love the ones with the
    blue sky and clouds in the background! :>)

    Love~ Miss Jen

  2. Thanks for the pictures of the lambs!! They became big real fast! Does Emma like them more now or when they were smaller? Joshua likes looking at the pictures of the lambs. If you still have them by the time we get there, I am going to have to pull him away from them. He loves animals! :-)

    Delightful pictures!! I miss those little girls that do not seem to be little anymore! :-(

    Three more months and I will be there!! Can not wait!!!

    Love you!

  3. It has been a very long time since I have commented on this blog! My excuse is that there are these really long letters I keep having to write, and it takes up all of my free time. Haven't even finished a book in I don't know how long!

    Very nice weather you seem to be having. Blue sky, clouds, almost visible humidity shimmering in the air....

    Lovely little ladies. They look like they are truly enjoying the walk. Have any of them tried riding the sheep yet? It is a rodeo event at our county fair!

    The lambs are so big! I guess they can't be called lambs any more, they are sheep. Sheep is good, sheep means food. Don't think that your slaughtering remark went unnoticed! Like they said during the Spanish American War, "Remember the Hostas!", or something like that.

    I'm being called to play Nertz!



  4. Lovely post, Tiffany. It seems like an idyllic afternoon. When you tire of taking the sheep for a walk, you can take them for a wok. Our lambs will fulfill their life's purpose in September, right before deer season.

  5. Jen,

    Big white clouds and a brilliant blue sky makes for a perfect background, especially when children are the subject! :)


    The lambs are big, and stubborn and sooooo disobedient! Em just likes the lambs because they're lambs! Caleb told her we were going to eat and she cried this told her that it was okay, because then we'll get new baby lambs! I don't know when they go "visiting." New names...Boudreaux and Thiboeaux!

    No, the little girls are growing up fast. :( Can't wait to see y'all!!!! Love you.

    BEN!!! You commented again! lol, I can't even begin to say how delightfully surprised I was... Oh, come now, I hear those letters aren't quite as long as they used to be... I understand, though...getting through that long book list hasn't been happening...maybe one day. :)

    Actually, it really wasn't humid that day...honestly! You just need to come out for an Illinois Summer and see how nice it is!

    The girls enjoy going for walks, and after being out there for an hour or so, they wanted to keep going. I was tired of keeping the sheep away from tires on we went home. No, they haven't tried riding yet. Do you think they're big enough? A rodeo event?

    *laughs* I left that for you. As bad as they are, they're still cute. I'll have to watch the "Animal Rights" episode from Brad Stine....honor their culture! :) See you soon!!

    Mr. H.,

    After some warm and wet days, this afternoon was celebrated with walks, and burn piles and enjoying the fire pit! lol, love the joke! In September? Before, after, or during our visit? Miss you and see you soon!

  6. What a beautiful day. I just love the pic of the sheep eating the flower. I'm calling them sheep now since it's easier to slaughter sheep than lambs. I don't mind eating them, but can't even watch them being driven off.

    The little girls and little man are growing so much. They are still just adorable.

    Skies are blue, fluffy clouds, very pretty day.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  7. Mrs. H.,

    lol, They kept eating the flowers and I finally got a picture of Jeeves with the flower sticking out of his mouth. :) Maybe I'll arrange to be out of the house when the sheep leave... :)

    Lovely day, wasn't it?

    Miss y'all!



  8. Wow, I love the last picture, I don't know why, but it's cute and hilarious at the same time! the girl's expressions and the sheep skipping along in the air. I love it!


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