Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday morning started out as a lovely perfect summer day. Mom and I had a few errands to run that day, and after getting caught up in other projects, we decided to head out after lunch. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and we are both thankful that we weren't caught out in the storm that passed through that afternoon. Instead, we were all together in our basement waiting for the tornado like storm (micro-burst), high winds, rain, thunder and lightening to pass over.

It wasn't long before we lost power, so we turned on our emergency flashlights and the girls worked on the Psalm we set to music. While the storm raged outside, we were warm and safe inside. When it finally calmed down, we went out to see what our yard looked like. Another lighter storm came through yesterday, we lost power again and yet another one today...complete with hail! :) Enjoy the few photos below...

It started out as a normal day. See happy Miss Suzy busy eating the pecans we set out for her? Cute, huh?

This is what it looked like in the early afternoon. We were unable to see the other side of our lake.

Father and son, surveying the damage.

Our playhouse was all over the hill.

The flag used to stand somewhere on the left side of this photo. You can see my dad walking over to were it landed.

Thankfully none of this came through any of our windows!

Caleb gathering playhouse pieces.

The tree tops which are now on the ground.

Isn't that sad?

Here is what most of our tree tops look like now.

Trying to figure out where these came from.

Our neighbors flag pole snapped in two different places. Yeah, that blurred long pole-like thing on the ground is the rest of the pole and flag.

What our back porch looks like right now...


  1. is the squirrel named Miss Suzie because of the book? My brothers LOVE that book and have my dad read it to them every night before bed! how funny! :)

    glad y'all were safe during the storm and no major damage happened!


  2. My goodness that was quite a storm!

    I'm thankful the good Lord chose to keep you and your Mom home during the storm.

    Well, to look on the bright side it will be much easier for the girls to play in the top of that tree than it was in the other one. Safer, too.

    Glad all is well and no major damage.

    Love & Blessings, Mrs.H

  3. I live in the town in Indiana where the tornado hit. If the tornado had been 1/2 mile to the west, it would have damaged our church property. God is good!

  4. I'm glad no one was in the playhouse when it left Kansas!!

  5. Amanda,

    Yup, that's why we call the squirrel that! :) We used to sell the book in our store and William LOVES it. :) He has some soldiers too and keeps asking when we can bring Miss Suzy inside. :)

    Mrs. H.,

    Me too! When I heard it was going to rain, I figured that it was okay, we've shopped in the rain many times...but I am so glad we weren't stranded in town during the storm.

    All the tree tops have been turned into firewood now, so there isn't much to play on. :) The kids enjoyed them while they were down, though. Our neighbor has some really cool tree climbing tools, though...the girls were very impressed! :) Pictures of that will come soon!

    Love you!!

    My Bright Corner,

    Oh, that's amazing! God does wonderful things, does He not? Glad to hear y'all were safe and that your church property wasn't harmed!

    Mr. H.,

    lol, me too! I don't know what we'd do without them! Maybe there would've been a yellow brick road, a pink thing called a "good witch" and a silly Wizard to send them home. :) Miss y'all muchly!

  6. I can't get over that adorable
    squirrel... *giggles* too cute!!!

    Love~ Jen

  7. It is cute...and waits at the door for nuts too! :)


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