Monday, August 31, 2009

After months of planning and looking forward to our Midwest P&R Jubilee picnic, the day finally arrived! We had five different churches represented, lots of fun activities, wonderful fellowship, incredible food and just good old fun!

The day started out a bit chilly, but it soon warmed up and the weather was just lovely. The first half of the day was cut out for relay races and family Olympics. The Servens coordinated this part and did a fabulous job! Everybody had a blast and many memories were made. After our lunch, we gathered in the sanctuary to sing for a while, and then headed back out to enjoy God's wonderful creation and some more games. Here is the first half of our day...boffer wars and baseball games pictures next!

Opening the games with prayer.

Dads and their little girls.

Off they go!

Abigail takes a moment to pause and get her picture taken...Grace on the other hand is still trying to move!

Mr. and Mrs. R. go around.

Rebecca and Ben were incredibly fast at this relay! I thought for sure they were going to win.

Hey! Look who it is!!! Loved seeing you two! :)

Awww, little Jonas got to play while being toted in mama's arms.

Ashton likes to make up his own relay races.

Mr. Castle and lovely Mary Michelle.

Caleb takes care of chickens at home and gathers eggs each it's his chance to run a race without dropping an egg, or maybe let it crack just because...

Around the cone, Aaron...

You see that...Matt dropped it!

That's, make up for lost time.

Hey aren't holding that egg, are you? ;)

The best player on the field!

Jess has a very feminine way of doing an egg relay. Isn't she cute?

If you ask me, it looks like they've all gone scooters.

Step 1. Run dad, run!

Step 2. Place bat between eyes.

Step 3. Spin around five times fast.
You can see the gentleman beside Mr. Candler working on the last part which is:
Step 4. Try your hardest to get back with no serious accidents.
Watching this game made me dizzy.

William isn't quite sure what think as he stands surrounded by those girls.
Photo Credit: Peter Sanford

We had a joyous time singing praises to God.
Here is a clip of the little people singing a Psalm 117. Thank you, Mrs. Yen, for the video!!


  1. Simply Delightful......
    Oh, the JOY of Christian fellowship!
    Loved seeing the pics of the Servens. :)
    Blessings~ Miss Jen

  2. Nice post Tiff!! Although, isn't "Sandford" spelled "Sanford"? ;) Its ok, I do it all the time!

    The clip topped the post off darling, great job!! Love ya!

  3. Jen,

    It was a very special and fun day! It all went by soooo fast and we're all looking forward to next year...unless we can convince the elders to have two picnics a year.... :) The Servens are a wonderful family and we enjoy each visit we have with them!


    lol, I had "Sanford" down and when I went through spell check, it said that it was spelled wrong and I thought I hit "ignore." Apparently not!!! lol, thanks!

    Weren't they cute? Can't wait to do it again!!! Love you!

  4. William did a splendid job! Not a hint of stage fright. All the others came in and performed like champs. Your arrangement was wonderful, Tiffany. Is Reformation Day the next big event?

  5. What a wonderful day you must have had.
    The children were incredible in their singing. I just LOVE the pic of Jessica. I think that is one for the wall!

    See you soon!!!
    Love, Mrs.H

  6. I saw Jon and Beth Ten Dolle, and Rebecca and Ben Serven. :-) I'm a faithful reader of their blog.

    Johanna Kautt

  7. Mr. H.,

    William was actually almost asleep on my mom's lap right before he sang! I was afraid he'd chicken out and had Em all ready to take his place. :) Thanks! Reformation day another big event, but in my opinion, there's one before that. :) See you soon!

    Mrs. H.,

    It was a lovely day! So many good friends in one place at one time! One very dear family was missing, though. ;) lol, Jess is cute. :) Love you!


    They are wonderful friends and it was so nice to catch up with them! Glad you enjoy their blog!

  8. Hey Tiffany! Nice post! I felt so sorry for your dad, having to demonstrate, and then right after having to compete.

  9. Dear Tiffany,

    Yes, I have noticed that you and the Serven family are good friends. :-)



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