Sunday, April 10, 2005

False alarm???

Warm blankets...soft fluffy pillows...cozy pajamas...ah! What could be better than this? Where those lights and voices truly in my dream? Or were they reality? Was somebody having a party without ME!

Rolling over, I forced my eyes open and took a look at my old bright alarm clock. The time showed 3:02 a.m. What person in their right mind would be wandering around at such a time as this!?! Or, were they indeed having a party without me? Crawling out of bed, I stumbled over to the balcony and looked down. And there was the cause of my present state. Not making any attempt to be quiet, Melissa and Dad were in the kitchen, and Mom was talking to them as she went back into her room.

"What on earth are y'all doing up at three in the morning????" I whispered to Melissa.

"Mom." She said to me knowingly as she held up a metal mixing bowl in mid-air.

I just stood there and stared at her, rather confused. She repeated her answer throwing in an extra word..."BABY....." her head bobbed up and down. I understood. I headed back to my room to dress into comfy clothes, because if this birth was going to be anything like the last one, I wanted to be prepared for sleeping on our parlor floor. As I stood by my bed trying to decide what to wear, Christa opened the bathroom door, forgetting to turn the light off. I turned and looked at her and told her that people were trying to get some sleep around here. The assistant midwife drove up. Soon after, the midwife (Cathy Rude) arrived. A little later, the second assistant arrived.

So now, on my favorite couch, I'm...blogging...waiting...hoping...praying. This could be a false alarm...but then again, maybe not. Meanwhile, as we wait, I'm going to try and figure out how to post photos...just in case...


  1. Moosh7:18 AM

    Hey! I was not bobbing my head!
    I was being very quiet!

  2. Of course, no one woke ME up so I could join all the excitment! I sleep deep and it was taken advantage of! :) Just kidding! lol. Love you, Tiff! :D

  3. Ha ha... I didn't mean that your head was making noise...but I DID hear you talking. All y'all were being SOOOO loud, but I won't say who really woke me up. ;-)

  4. Jessica,

    One line for you....

    Sometimes I wake up grumpy...other times I let her sleep.



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